Saturday, 12 January 2008

Utah State Prison- Draper December 2008 - November 2009

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Utah State Prison- Draper December 2008

The Utah State Prison is begging for litigation for First & Fourth Amendment Rights Violations, in its UINTA-1 Special Intensive Management Unit (SIMU), for Muslim diet refusals. Religious literature is not being allowed through the mail and obvious cruel & unusual punishment-type issues with mentally ill inmates being housed in these solitary cells. The denial of books and basic hygiene materials, combined with the fact that most all COs are just plain mean and emotionally desensitized from years of inflicting abuse, surely account for the unbelievably high rate of suicide attempts and actual suicide rates I witness day in and day out.

Those of us who speak up and out get extra shakedowns, refused writing materials and Grievance Forms; and our doors kicked during counts with taunting-type language.

SWAT Team extractions and beatings with pepper spray seeping into neighboring cells happen almost daily, and usually to the same poor mentally ill and confused inmates. One is actually almost totally deaf, so the direct orders he receives, fall literally on deaf ears. Psychiatric medications are pushed on inmates like dope on the streets, mostly so everyone will just sleep through the abuse. I find myself scared to even shower because these CO’s sometimes don’t need an excuse to throw you down and rough you up.

When I do try and grieve these issues, either I receive no responses or get excessive retaliation. I’ve been handcuffed to a hitching post for several hours and forced to urinate on myself, which I still to this day have shoulder pain from.

Just one voice in 2.3 million. Utah State Prison is soon to be served a wakeup call…

Brandon Green, (address etc) Draper, Utah 84020

November 2009, Draper, UT

I send strength to all comrades worldwide! The beautiful people at TIME and Prison Reform Community Center have been helping me and about forty convicts here at the USP Auschwitz expose the abuses and the murders resulting from said abuses. As I wrote in last January’s issue of PAN, Utah pigs are belittling and torturing us all here in Uinta one Solitary Supermax day and night by denial of hearing aids to the deaf, sleep deprivation, starvation, freezing, and refusing to deliver all personal mail. For the last year and a half, I’ve recorded each and every incident while I was awake and sent copies to several human rights organizations. TIME was my only response and that only through the persistent mailings and phone calls by a family member to get their letter to me. Once I learned that TIME was interested in helping, I contacted attorneys to grease up some of my letters so these Nazi pigs’ sticky fingers wouldn’t hold them up. I also sent calls to arms to those who’ve experienced or are experiencing inhumane conditions in hopes they would stand up and fight back. They did stand up and we are fighting.

Just this October 26th, I was informed that an investigation was begun, spearheaded by none other than Adolf Hitler “himself” Warden Steven Turley. So far the facts are these: A Sgt. Scott and Officer Robinson just returned from a 3-week suspension without pay, but these guys are alcoholics and rumor has it they were suspended after being busted for poaching beer and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The investigation has just started with many statements and grievances in favor of us and against these swine and interviews will soon follow. It’s just a matter of time until turn keys will be turning burgers or tossing and turning in one of these cells beside me. In the upcoming July issue I’ll let everyone know how this all pans out.

Abu Ghraib’s scandal included several higher up grand dragons from Utah DOC and the way these scum-pig-leaches look out for and watch each others’ backs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still employed somewhere in the shady injustice system. My goal here is to keep at their throats, record each abuse, expose each grievance, and raise support from the outside and convict awareness on the inside until the true nature of an Amerikan prison is known by the masses. I breathe revolution, I sweat revolution, and I will see revolution or die in the process. I’ll die with a smile on my face and righteous rage in my heart. Behind these fences, ghetto fences, prison fences, the poor, struggling fences, we are the ones who will bring about revolution. We on the bottom can see more clearly than those with their heads in the clouds. History’s wheel is about to open. Let us make sure our minds are right and our shoestrings are tight. An army sits in silence on the outskirts of small Amerikan towns and big cities, huddled, hungry, and waiting, 2.4 million strong.

We stir. Dreams over.

Brandon Green …

P.S. It’s 11/7/09 and I’ve just discovered that an officer Nelson is on administrative leave without pay, so Sgt. Scott and Officer Robinson may have suffered the same fate. But this ‘must’ be the tip of the iceberg.