Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lumpen (Pigs and pills)

I want to say a few things about our ´class´ at this time in Amerikkka so those unfamiliar with us can be better prepared to struggle with us.

99% of us in those Koncentration Kamps, at least from what I´ve seen personally, are so mind-fucked and jaded as to think we deserve being caged and abused. Most of us have basically already given up and expect nothing less of the society and family that raised us. This type of “head-trip” is intensified by the psychiatric medications pushed on us as a sort of “you-need-this-and we´ll- give –it –to you” – bullshit guise, when it´s widely known in medical, “correction” and society circles that Seroquel, Effexor just cause diabetes; Celexa, Wellbutrin, Paxil, etc. just cause impotence among other problems.

So you have men and women (though I´ve not seen a women´s camp, I´ll wager it´s alike), believing they are rejects and deserve prison. Add to that pent up sexual frustrations, because of the medications you depend upon, and look forward to like a monkey sniffing ass, and hoard or sell to catch the only half “human-type-emotional” buzz you’ll ever experience, causes you to be unable to be sexual in any way. Totally uncool if your whole hood or set or gang supports “manly-men” and schwarzeneggerizm.

But then you overcompensate. You are weakened by the Antitriptaline / Elavel because the poison numbs your stomach and body. So you can’t work out even or exercise. But you can’t also stop now as you rely on the shit to sleep. You rely on The Very Thing that’s killing you to get you through. It becomes: either hang yourself or keep taking the pills to the neck.

So you have these two demons.
You have these pills that have to be replaced by something, anything, if and when you parole. And the system makes it a whole hell of a lot easier to get heroin or crystal meth than Serequel on the streets. Coincidence? Fuck no! The pigs know what the medication does to you and what it turns you into and eventually “ass-tight-as-a-drum” “heart-beating-wickedly-in-your-numb-constipated-chest” makes you do. These substances are the Lumpen’s big-bourgeoise enemy. When they put you in the “mental illness” zone you are basically fucked. You’ll basically, 9 times out of 10, kill yourself or shoot up the mall or university dormhouse.

And can you blame those motherfuckers who explode?

Ever since the age of Neanderthals we humans let our bodies tell us what’s what. But just recently we’ve been pumping our youth full of chemicals to “one-up-we-know-better-than-evolution”-correct their false criminal behaviors.

And that brings us to the second demon. We think we are “evil” criminals. We’ve been taught it. Treated like it. Said mercy to it. And that includes the places they place us in. We are institutionalized. We feel out of place in society (and Amerikkkan society, these days maybe we Lumpen are the more progressive). So if our “replacing-of-the-pills”-behavior doesn’t get us thrown back in the kennel then our “apeing-to-the-mindwashed-citizenry” will.

We must play the part. We lack strength, knowledge, even natural sexual urges, to guide us. So we look to the movies. We look to our “homies” or CD players to show us. But they’re in the same “hurt-beyond-words-so-we-act-hard-to-compensate”-soiled shoes. We look but we don’t find. We are a new breed. We are brain-dead but a force. If we become activated progressively we will become a bulldozer to this system of injustice.  

But the state of mental anguish we are chemically depped in prevents much sight beyond the day to day.

To break into the Lumpen mindset is going tot take a new breed of progressive. Because we are a new breed of man. We are the Zombies; the Mike Myers  and Jason Vorhees  on the revolutionary screen stutter-stepping to the screams of the Bourgeoisie. We trail strips of chemical wrapped cotton. We wear masks of institutionalization. We moan the sounds of pent up Humanity.

We are not peasants or mill workers.
We do not care about wages.
We look for, we seek, basically, the next crime. The next drive by. The next stabbing. Not because we need the money (we eat free in our cells) but because that is the only way we can barely feel anything close to humanity. We want to be normal again. But each day we worsen and harden and rot. We have trackmarks and stabwounds. Our brains and livers are hollow and swollen. We are used to taking and breaking.

But we cry at night because it’s all an act. We try and exercise, but can’t. We try and learn, but can’t. We attempt to fuck each other but can’t. The pills won’t allow us.

So we get mad. We turn on each other. We don’t turn on the “master” because he’s too strong. The motherfucker’s invincible. Just look at him. Plus he’s our “friend.” He feeds us and gives us candy pills. Let´s drag each other down. Let´s start from the bottom and climb to the top until there´s nothing left of us. Then we won´t be seen as low or lame or weak. At least not by one of “ us.”

The pigs already see us as lames. So does society. And that´s because we are. We´ve allowed them to make us weak. We begged for it. We faked suicide attempts and hearing voices. We´ve server mental health a bucket of bullshit so they´ll give us a “head-change.”

So now what are we to do, Lumpen? Comrades?

We can stop. We can look up at the men holding the batons. We can sniff the air and smell their fear and see their sweat drip off their brows.

They fear us.
That´s why they mind-wash and institutionalize us. They fear us because they know they are wrong. They start out like the rest of society believing “criminals” are “evil.” But once they live around us in our units, they see we aren´t bad people. They compare themselves to us and come up lacking defense. Because they´ve done worse. They do worse. And then the realization hits them that something´s wrong with the system. They see it first-hand in our faces. In their own guilty faces each morning.

Then the pig questions: why?
Why me? And why them?
It could have been me!

The system´s a bunch of shit and I´m just a pawn in that system. That makes me worse than being just a victim. Because I comply. Each day I do what I´m told, even though I know what I do is incorrect.

Ten years of this.
And twenty.

The pig´s a shell now. He´s been eaten inside and out by his country´s corrupt “corrections.” But he´ll die before he´ll admit it. Can you imagine if the world knew! If everyone saw the reality I´d be considered no better than a slave owner or a nazi in charge of Auschwitz. We can´t have that. And in order to keep that from happening he starts in on them. The offensive begins. Instead of being an observer he dips his limp wick in the mix of “criminals.” He incites. He belittles and tortures. He sleep-deprives and mind-fucks. Until he begins to feel powerful. He carries it home to his wife and kids. He treats other kids the way he treated the “criminals.”
He must create more.
He chooses who.
He becomes many. He becomes the society that picks several out of each class to cage. From day one, like sharks surrounded by chum, they sniff out the headstrong. The “colored” or unclean. These are set aside for the men who wear the badge. They must perpetuate it. They must or they´d have to admit 2.4 million human beings rot in cages just because of their fear.

Just because of what my father was taught by his father. And we can´t have that. Because that would mean we were sick. And it´s them who are sick. Those. Not me. Not us. I do not carpool and deep cleanse because I´m sick. I do not take Valium and Viagra because I´m sick. I do not attend church then hurry home to catch the Simpsons; I do not watch a war on television I don´t know the reason for or even understand the geography of; I do not drink wine to sleep and sip coffee to function; I do not take Tylenol and Gobble Tums… because I´m sick.

It´s them.
These “coloreds.” Those poor folk who don´t attend church services because they work. Heathens! Sinners! Damn you to the depths of hell! Or solitary.
That´ll teach you to be different. To voice dissent or question our war over in Afghanistan. Where´s Afghanistan? Why are we at war? Shucks uhhhh…  was it because of Mr Burns?! And that power plant thingy?

You. Amerikkkan. I let you take me into the depths of your hell. I took your pills once upon a time and it took me a stroke and two years to crawl out of that pit. I have track marks and hepatitis that betray the shame I used to feel because your society considered me a “bad seed.”

But now I see the whole sad situation and I´m sickened beyond words. You attempted to destroy me. You are attempting to destroy my family because you need to fill the status quo of “criminals.” My comrades sit being brain-washed (and starved to death), and they are so far gone nothing I do raises even subtle awareness.

The tables will be turned if not in my lifetime than the next, because such blatant disregard for life and humanity as this imperialistic, militaristic system shows is bound to fall hard!

The sad part is you don´t see that the very people you think are beneath you will be the very same who rise the fuck up and take it from you.

So here´s to Mr Burns everyone.
And that war in …AAA… Russia?

In strength (Keep ´em distracted Homer) and struggle

Monday, 22 November 2010

FDR 25 or… fascism?

FDR 25 or… fascism? (Xs)

At the Utah State Koncentration Kamp they have a policy (FDR 25) which is “top secret” as the Division Director, a.k.a. overseer, will tell you here:

“The policy you are requesting is FDR 25, intensive management / suicide prevention / strip cell. FDR 25 is classified as protected under the provisions of Grama Paragraph 63G-2-305 (12). That chapter deals with how staff is to handle and interact with criminals in the system. In fact, we do not let that chapter out to anyone not in law enforcement. Your request for a copy is, therefore, denied.”

A snippet of this policy states:

“Inmates shall not be permitted to receive newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, etc. Including religious texts, newspapers or pamphlets.”

Fascism: extreme totalitarian right-wing philosophy.
Right-wing: conservative or reactionary.
Reactionary: tending to oppose (esp. political) change.
So basically the “corrective facility” in which I am caged in has policies in which they break down how to treat and interact with Jews (I mean criminals). This policy includes restrictions on allowing captives religious texts and newspapers, etc. and I´m supposed to be corrected in some “out-of-the-blue” fashion, I guess, as I sit all alone with nothing in a solitary cell.

Hypocrisy: False claim to virtue; pretense.

The cherry on top of this Hitler-esque Hill is the symbol the Utah Department of Corrections uses on its letterhead and on their website. Which states they provide Honor, Integrity, and Accountability.

Honorable Departments with nothing to hide wouldn´t have top secret policies aimed at reactionary ends. And no policy supported by that department, could have a single ounce of integrity if it keeps men from practicing their religion and free speech. Last I checked this was still Amerikkka with a constitution that was written by revolutionaries in an attempt to stop that sort of injustice. And accountability. Who´s responsible for caging men for decades alone without magazines, religious texts, pictures, newspapers, and then releasing them? Is this their “accountability” they tout from one of the peeks in Southern Utah´s Red Rock on their letterhead symbol? Are they to be held accountable for men who don´t even know who the Amerikan president is because they´ve not read a newspaper in decades? How do you expect a person like that to get a job let alone be reintroduced back into society?

I just don´t get it. Unless the whole point (goal) is institutionalization. And then you have thousands of men in their youth, or prime, kept away from any and all pictures of the opposite sex in magazines, photos, etc. for decades. For punishment? I´m not even wanting to get the ramifications of that one. Or should I? For propriety´s sake I better skirt it. Yet… it is a reality. It is true. Wouldn´t any grown adult who was kept away from the opposite sex, even in photos, for decades become a management problem? I´d like to see one of you out there attempt it and let´s see if your loved ones don´t treat you with a little “ intensive management.”
And then you´re going to let these men out. The next time you guys see a high speed chase, ask yourself this: Is it possible this man was paroled thinking Bill Clinton was still president and the Twin Towers still stood?

Just imagine it. Is he running from the cops or from a world that suddenly fast forwarded twenty years and grew an internet. Is he scared of the handcuffs or more afraid of being kept without pictures of Britney Spears, Hayden Panitierre or Megan Fox for decades? Maybe this man is a devout Muslim or Christian on parole and as he “high speeds”, he´s attempting to memorize the Bible´s Second Letter to the Corinthians before they cage him and keep him without his holy texts for another decade.

Do you ever think of this society? Or are you too busy hating?

The next time a man at your local 7-11 seems shifty-eyed or suspicious, please don´t call the cops, maybe he just never knew Doritos had thirty-one flavors now and Michael Jackson´s not still the King of Neverland (King of Pop though he´ll forever stand). Maybe the cover of the latest “Maxim” magazine just took him some time to digest and he´s still catching his bearings.
Mayhap actually attending a church service, after two decades without has him overcome with the “Holy Spirit.” Maybe he needs a hug or a conversation and not a phone call to the cops and more solitary.

And know, reader, I´ve personally been at both ends of this field. I grew up being told, shown and believing people in prison are there for a just reason and deserve it, because they are bad people or lacking in some degree. I was taught this by my own family even though my own father was in prison. I was taught to hate him. And I did.

And then I came to prison. And I became the one hated. I paroled and was “that man” at the gas station (mouth full of the new cool ranch Doritos. Hands gripping several Maxims). Four times I received the “phone call” instead of the hug or conversation. And I again sit without religion, photos or newspapers. As society and my family hates me. Yet know, I sit with the utmost respect of my father now and extreme love. I now know why he was shifty-eyed and suspicious. But sadly. I don´t think I´ll ever understand why I was taught to hate him… - (Bourgeoise propaganda?) –

So at the start of this essay I showed you how “corrections” can oppose change. (if that is possible? I question it, even though I live it, is the sad part). I spoke about three words, or six, and how fascism, right-wing and reactionary can hide behind honor, integrity and accountability.

You know, I´m actually afraid that if I was to learn the whole FDR25 policy I´d discover it states how to drive a man mad real slow and convince him he´s mentally ill so they can push mind-numbing and body weakening psychotropics on him to stop his humanity and turn him into a good middle-class sleep. I´m scared it would be the revision of the German code used in the 1930s. The one that had all those past upstanding middle-class citizens driving their children to soccer and piano practice as they crinkled their noses trying to ignore those smells and ashes hitting their windshields. To ignore their Kamps.

I mean. History does repeat.

And FDR 25, at least the part not “top secret,” doesn´t bid well for things to come. Take it from me. I sit inside one of new Germany´s modern Koncentration Kamps. My face is up against the glass as I watch my comrades one by one being marched off to the firing squad chambers.

The precise titles and tags do change. But what they mean doesn´t.
How we smell doesn´t change either, nor what they do to us and the end result. The basics remain true. And foul.

Our ashes are just disguised as “corrections” and “rehabilitation.” Our punishment for dissent disguised as intensive management and control units. Our pleas for help batted down by the $$ Government´s Prison Litigation Reform Act.

Our humanity denied by policies like FDA25.

In strength (don´t you smell us?) and struggle,

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Silent Accusation II (Spencer Hooper RIP)

Give us rest, give us time
To sort out why our country doesn't realize
Torture laws and racism exist
And there's more to life than
Those Seinfield reruns you missed
As long as you have a Mazda Miata
With a full tank and a pack of smokes
You couldn't care less about 500,000 dead Iraqi children
Less names to intrude on your child's
Santa Claus naughty or nice list!?! folks?
A dead man hangs from an air vent
As a bunch of cowards laugh at him
But this man's dying breath
Pleaded for me to seek justice for him
And the justice will multiply a thousand fold
Because my strength is endless
I've chosen to pick up a revolutionary cause
And the world's vendettas
Against my supposed country
I'll carry the progressive red flag
And your overweight greedy amerikkkans
Will finally understand the meaning of sad
It's a true emotion that bubbles from within
Totally opposite than your sugar come down
And more human than your bullshit "sin"
Ring around the rosey and pop goes the weasel
Is that spittle on your lip Mr Vegetate?
Dialectics is jet fuel to your racist diesel
Give us rest, give us time
To sort out this mess we've made of our lives
Give us a chance to pay for our crimes
You have our bodies, some of our minds
What more do you want?
More pain and some fines!
Take his rigid body and cut it down
Call him worthless, call him clown
I called him friend, his mother's son
Look at his face, look what you've done.
 (Published here)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Statue of Armageddon

I went to church and learned how to cry
Then came to prison and learned how to smile
Seeking forgiveness only from myself
Becoming unshakable on my solitary shelf
Amerikkkan missiles with nuclear tips
Poised like paper tigers ready to Rip
Payloads in excess of seven destroyed earths
Armageddon, she´s ready, with Lady Liberty´s purse
She´s taken her crown and turned it to horns
Her torch turned missile, Her country wanting more
Gimme Gimme, like a spoiled presidential child
Taking from the weak in the United $nakes style
I sit unable to do much more than write
My pen and myself and the long lonely nights
2.4 million captives loudly screeching the truth
Lady Liberty a missile silo waiting to be used
(stop her)

(October 2010)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Apologetic subterfuge

Published earlier here in this publication.

February 21st, 2010: a three car convoy of Afghans were traveling to the market and then to a hospital for medical treatment. U.$. forces saw Afghans traveling together and launched an air to ground attack. Women jumped out waving their scarves to communicate they were civilians. The U.$. helicopter continued firing. 21 killed. 13 wounded.

December 26th, 2009: U.$. forces raided a home, pulled eight young men ages 11 - 18 out of their beds and gunned them down execution style. U.$. forces and distraught villagers later learned all were innocent of any wrongdoing. An apology was issued by the U.$. military.

Apologetic subterfuge?!
You can love me if you want
Feel free to hate me if you need
Just keep away from me your ignorance
Your racism and patriotic greed
Believe in your jesus
Your superiority and programmed ways
If it helps you sleep at night
Keep preaching your 'end of days'
Seven comes eleven its a crying shame
When the last time you did a pushup
you fucking lames!
Our bodies were built for sweat and love
minds wired for compassion not drugs
Turn off your fucking TV zombie
unplug that phone and those radios
Now listen, you hear it? 'crunch crunch'
That's those red white and blue imperialist goblins
eating Afghani wives and children for lunch
and the ticking sound that's increasing slowly
it's that capitalist system you love
slowly imploding
I'll shed no more tears for you Amerikkka
I'll never forgive you for what you've done
chewing on pregnant mothers and sons
killing unarmed little girls for fun
I'm an anti-imperialist communist poet
and we're winning motherfuckers
Fox 13's just not letting you know it.
February 12th 2010: U.$. forces raided a home and killed five people, including two pregnant mothers and a girl engaged to be married. The New York Times even uncovered Amerikkkan troops engaging in a deliberate cover up in an April 5th 2010 article.

According to a March 3rd 2010 report "The U.$. ignored the deaths of more than 850 Afghan children from treatable/preventable diseases as they focus warring on the second poorest country in the world"
Fuck you Amerikkka!
Straight up.
no apologies.
and no more hiding.
we're watching,
tick tick tick!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

"Home Sweet Home"

From: Solitarywatch:

October 16, 2010
by Jean Casella and James Ridgeway

Brandon Green is imprisoned in Uinta 1, a supermax unit at the Utah State Prison in Draper. His writings appear on a blog created for him by Utah Prison Watch. In this piece, he challenges readers to imagine what is like to live in solitary confinement, as he vividly describes the physical and psychological deterioration that take place in an isolation cell.

Go to your bathroom door and kick a hole in it. Now lock yourself in tight. Throw all your hygiene items, except a tooth brush and toothpaste tube, out the hole. Everything. Now go to your tub and flip it over. This is where you’ll sleep. Now sit. The light switch disappears and the shower spigot. A little speaker replaces them. It listens and sometimes speaks to you. Laughs at you. Taunts you. Tells you your suffering is entertaining. You can’t shut off the light with no switch and you’ll have to shower using the sink.

As you sit, you hear ten or so voices outside the door. That’s funny. Sounds like that guy who robbed my mother’s house last year and put her in a wheelchair after brutally beating and raping her. It can’t be! Is that the judge that let the man run free too? And his twisted attorney? Why are they here!?!
The worst enemies you could imagine, or put a face to, have just moved into your house. As you sit in the bathroom. These people only wish you harm of the utmost. And your death would be nothing but joy for them. All your food, and any mail you might be expecting, will have to come from these “squatter enemies.” Good luck!

To make matters worse, these enemies of yours control all your heating, air conditioning, water from your sink and to your toilet. And to top it off, if they see you sleeping they’ll kick the door and yell at you. They laugh.
You can hear these men day and night right outside your door. You smell them barbecuing  and smoking. You’re hungry. You can hear these men torturing people. Sometimes other people in similar bathrooms next to yours are pulled out and placed in body bags. To the  amusement of these squatters.
 A day passes this way.

“My god,” you say, “what have I done to deserve this?”
A week passes.
 You cry.
A month.
You attempt suicide but your vein closes up before death.
A year.
You are now talking to yourself and running around naked. You are convinced the food you seldom receive, that’s halfway edible, is poisoned. As you eat the rotten “meat” your beard and mustache get in the way of the teeth chewing. You couldn’t cry if your life depended on it. And it used to. But you’ve forgotten why.
Two years.
You can’t remember. You’ve forgotten. Forgotten what? You don’t know. The “squatter enemies” come around and you look at them. They look at you. They laugh. You start to laugh too. You forgot why. But you do.
Three years.
You sleep 20 hours a day. You can’t help it. But your floor is clean. You keep it spotless. You don’t know why. But you do. You’re skinny. You’ve lost an easy 60 lbs. Your skin is turning yellow and your legs cramp up and atrophy. You don’t want to die anymore. Why bother? You’d rather sleep and dream. The dreams are so vivid. More real than these walls.

Five years.
You go home, you leave your bathroom, this year.
They tell you that. But why? Where do I go? I don’t want to leave now. I like my tub and sink…

Dear Comrades (One Love)

Cats and dogs raining down my window
Dust bunnies roaming around my floor
Learned worms crawling around my stomach
Telling me I was taught to want more
These measly maggots at war with science
And what´s before us as real and true
I pump my blood until the skin stretches
Sweat drips onto the concrete like Chinese tea
Searching each repetition the puddle´s reflection
for truth.
The same as I do each U.S.W. study lesson
For a MC´s guidance into deeper realms
Blood starts to puddle and pool with my sweat
I question from where but continue to pace
Letting the itch of it linger on my face
Three cold meals and denials at mail call
Four cold walls and a solitary cot
One man alone with only one thought
Your punk denials will breed lawsuits
And my stomach turns cold to hot
We, Comrades, are part of something larger
More human than “Jesus” dying on a cross
Steering the people through minefields of hate
Aware it´s a privilege we even ate
A species on the sad cusp of extinction
One Vanguard, one chance, one reason
As planet Earth spins out the seasons
Survival of the fittest as Amerikkka weakens
Our species.

One Love Comrades

Friday, 24 September 2010

Kruel Koncentration Kamp

Dear kruel world,

What´s it going to take? How many more of us must die before someone steps in and stops this control unit´s moves from destroying your brothers, sons and nephews? Is there a lack of belief on everybody´s part because I came across as unstable and untrustworthy? Maybe I am nuts, maybe I am insane, I´ll grant everybody that. But maybe that´s a prerequisite for surviving this… this place. .. these walls… these words:

“So that I don´t have to drag myself to the door, I stay in front of it. All that I have sits in this hollow with me. I prop my mattress up against the door for a backrest. These officers (peterson, randall, stephens, sgt. lund), delight to kick the door, especially so when they know I´m either asleep or writing.

I´m forced by these officers to be stark naked for more than five years; enduring a triple gum abcess, broken teeth, lost filling for over eleven years; being repeatedly starved and dehydrated; have all of my possessions stole repeatedly.”

Damn huh! Those World War II holocaust victims had it bad, right? Of course they did. But would you believe me if I said these words were written only three days ago by a fifty-three year old man in Utah´s Uinta One Control Unit? Only three cells away from myself I´ve sat in witness to this man Mr John Chaney #123899 torture and starvation and sleep deprivation and sexual harrassments and even religious taunts and oppressions. These words you read are dated August 9th 2010. These words are why the UTDOC won´t allow any of us media interviews. These words are why Mr Chaney does not receive Prison Watch´s letters mailed to him repeatedly. And why Mr Chaney´s letters he mails out do not make their destinations. These words:

Concerning food: “Officers steal it more frequently than I am given it.”
When he contacted the doctor: “Dr Tubbo came around and stated ´We don´t care and we don´t have to, I´m glad I´m not in your body.”

“Then nearly a year passed in very great discomfort and I´m stricken with scurvy. I asked for help again. The doctor looked at me and asked if my bones always stuck out like they do. I confirmed so. I was given breakfast drink. I can´t count the number of times I´ve eaten it dry” (they turn off his water, etc.).

He ends concerning his religion: “I shall not be guilty, though it cost my life. I am Yeshua´s and YHWH´s friend. I am willing and pleased to die for them. Amen.”

I don´t hear anyone laughing out there. You guys don´t find this at all funny? That´s fucking strange, because these “corrections officers” find this man´s condition and treatment hilarious. Even some of my fellow captives caper and prance around for the benefit and show of these officers. It gets to be so slap-ass happy everyone seems to forget a crippled man is lying huddled against his cell door. Unshaven and hair uncut for almost fifteen years. Unaware that maybe any day another body bag will be popped out and unfurled and unzipped. Then rezipped…

Then I suppose it´s only fair and just that we forget all about sgt fairbanks´ threats to Mr Chaney. Don´t want to get any of the upstanding good guy Mormons in hot water do we? (if you notice traces of anger you´re dead correct).

One month shy of today and still nothing has been done to correct these abuses and inhumanities. On this day Mr Chaney told me that in the past sgt lund, feikert, fairbanks, scott and officers stated to him that “We´re going to kill you just real slowly so no one gets in trouble.” He came to prison weighing 190 lbs. And now is below 100lbs. He states he only gets one or two meals a week. If that. His exact words:

“I´m going to go pray. I will ask God, my heart palpitates and I become dizzy because I´m weak. I black out and I´m unable to stand. These guards will not provide me anything to stand up with. My body and legs hurt. I´ve written many organizations, etc. No responses. I don´t believe my mail´s delivered.”

This building houses 97 prisoners. Each and everyone of these captives knows about Mr Chaney´s dire straights. Hundreds of men have come and left over the years. Thousands of men know what the UT DOC has buried in its closet. All the guards know about this man´s condition. Along with medical staff and administration.

It´s time for the world to see and pass judgement on what´s occurring here in this building. You see, we Utahns are the only Americans to use the firing squad. We Utahns, and Mormons, believe in blood debts where the spilling of the guilty´s blood is the only way to pay for your sins. We Utahns have district attorneys who brag about signing death warrants on “twitter.” And a board of pardons and parole who hand out three more years for obtaining diploma´s and completing substance abuse therapy.

We Utahns support the prison policy of placing the mentally ill and legally mentally retarded in the hole for years on end. Decades on end. We Utahns have the upstanding retired executive directors Gary Deland and Lane McCotter who started and ran, after stepping down in Utah amid scandal, Iraq´s infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

I quote mr Deland in an April 2010 Deseret News article concerning our firing squad executions which the man boasts of writing the book on. Quote: “I go down about 30 minutes or so before the execution. I just feel if you claim to believe in capital punishment, and you´re not pulling the trigger (5), you need to be able to look the guy in the eye that´s going down and spend some time talking to him.”

Now this is a call to uphold such magnanimous behaviour on the part of the Utah department of corrections. I ask the modern day directors: Thomas E. Patterson, Robyn Williams, Mike Haddon, Lowell Clark, and Steven Turley to follow in Mr Deland´s footsteps.

If you, modern day directors, believe in starvation, torture, religious persecution, sleep deprivation, cruelty, sexual harassment, retaliation, prejudice for filing complaints, intimidation, etc, etc, and the keeping of a man, a fifty three year old man with scurvy and broken teeth with abcesses, so emotionally scarred and bruised he´s afraid to even ask for dental screenings or visits, after fifteen years at the hands of the cowardly public servants like sgts feikert, scott and lund, and officers ritter, fouret, bartolotti, randall, peterson, nelson and stephens; and you´re not the ones kicking his door all night as he sleeps, or refusing him water out of his sink, food or even access to a bible that´s not torn up each chance officers get; if you´re not these men, “killing (him) slowly so no one gets in trouble, ” then you need to look the guy that´s going down in the eye and spend some time talking to him!

I mean, that is, if you believe in that sort of stuff, and allow it year after year, you kind of owe it to the man to attempt to look him in the eye as he looks up from the ground at you, quivering and smelling of rot, eye twitching, with swollen jaws and cheeks and “bones sticking out.”

Because this man is right here. Today I requested of him to sing “Yesterday” by The Beatles. He barely could! Today I witnessed him not getting fed and I heard him being taunted that he doesn´t know the true god and that he is a dirty liar. I listened as officer stephens and officers peterson and randall degraded him in the most disgusting fashion. Again. For the hundredth-thousandth time. They laughed at him as he attempted to defend himself sitting in his “hollow.” Back against the door that they kick and slam the cuffport on.

I´ve got a neighbor with an IQ of 60, who isn´t allowed to move from the hole, because he keeps attempting to obtain reading materials from his friends!

We´ve got the deaf kept without hearing aids and the crippled kept without wheelchairs!

We´ve got 75 year old fed bologna for over nine years. Constantly guarding his dentures and reading glasses from retaliations.

We´ve got 19 year olds in prison for petty burglary, and 8/25/2009 parole dates, catching two 1-15 year sentences and 2012 rehearings of defending themselves from constant harrassments and abuse.

We´ve got 18 year olds with ADHD, clubfeet, deformed hands, learning disabilities (and again mental retardation) being pepper-sprayed and beat, then left to freeze on strip cell with officer Peterson opening outside recreation doors in December.

We´ve got Iraqi refugees whose deaths, so the officers say, will be a cause for celebration. Still!!!

I´m just sick of fucking seeing it and documenting it and being called a liar. Even though it is all on camera and administration has to keep backpedalling to avoid admitting it. Administration has to keep moving new guards and srgts and captains here and there, yet they leave the most sadistic rookies like stains in their coffee mugs, lingering.

So this is just a call to anyone who may consider themselves a progressive or a compassionate soul. I challenge anyone, any organization, to a little one on one face to face with Mr John Chaney. Let´s see you weigh him and look into his yellow blood-shot eyes. Let´s see UTDOC hide this man´s bones sticking out and crumbling abcess teeth.

I welcome everyone again to Utah corrupt (modern day concentration camp) control unit carnival.

In strength (step right up!) and hope,
Brandon Green

Copyright Brandon Green 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

E7748 outlook

From a concentration camp (Auschwitz) detainee’s diary in Germany during World War II.

E7748 outlook

“You know, if you don’t have the inner strength while you’re here to understand that all outer appearances are a passing show, as nothing beside the great splendor inside us – then things can look very black here indeed.

The misery here is quite terrible and yet late at night when the day has slunk away into the depth behind me, I often walk with a sprint in my step along the barbed wire and then time and again it stirs straight from my heart the feeling that life is glorious and magnificent, and that one day we shall be building a whole new world!

Utah’s Finest

To protect and serve or belittle and torture?
To me it’s the same, to them I’m not so sure.
Kind of seems like these pigs they feel that
They enjoy our deaths, our suicides, and body bags.
Abu Ghraib wasn’t a fluke or freak of nature,
Those atrocities pale in comparison to what I see here.
Except this stuff’s okay if it were Americans?
Faces filled with expressions of understanding
Loving benevolence as if they’re doing me favors
And I’m deserving of my cage, not a slave here,
Questioning my motives like: why’s he fighting back?
Your corrections made me this way, they’re real as a heart attack.

Also published here.

Pharaoh Obama

Solitary supermax has become me,
Senses numbed, mind gone crazy,
Losing it, lost it, am lost
Freedom you say? How much does it cost
May I pay in this sweat drip from my brow
Years alone or my tired soul you must tell me how
But don’t even whisper ´Believe in the way this system is´
Not a chance, you greedy imperialistic pig
Please stop the wars, open the Mexican border, leave the Middle East alone
Downsize these concentration camps, let my people go!
Money money, that´s all you are about
Amerika´s guilty
The gavel comes down.


Another suicide body being zipped up
To pig laughter, back slapping and such
I´d cry if I could anymore; or seek a hug if they’d
Open this door.
Down with these prisons, down with these lies
Remove these veils from Americans eyes
We come to prison for petty stuff
Get released, return for serious stuff.
Corrections they preach, while driving us mad
They have my body, my uncles and my Dad´s

R.I.P. Spencer Hooper, Danny Gallegos, Ronnie Easterbrook
I’ll remember what this shady system took
2.4 million of us caged,
Growing steadily along with our rage
A stage for anti-imperialist thoughts.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Declaration of Modern Day Independence

All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…
December 26th, 2009: US led forces raided a home in Kanur province and
pulled eight young men out of their beds, handcuffed them and gunned
them down execution style. The pentagon initially reported that the
victims had been running a bomb factory, although distraught villagers
were willing to swear that the victims, youngsters, age 11-18, were
seven normal school boys and one shepherd boy. Following courageous
reporting by Jerome Starkey (The Times UK), the US military carried
out its own investigation and of February 24th, 2010, issued an
apology, attesting the boys innocence.

…But when the long train of abuses and usurpations pursuant invariably
the same object evinces a design which reduces them under absolute

Control Unit prisons confine people to small cells in isolation for
long periods of time. These Control Units are used for political and
social control of prisoners already locked in secure. They target
Black, Latino and First Nations People who are a disproportionate part
of the Control Unit populations (relative to their already
disproportionate representation in prisons in general). While
conditions vary from prison to prison, the goal of these units is
always to achieve the spiritual, psychological and physical breakdown
of the prisoner.

Utah State Prison Modern Day Abu-Ghraib.

Don Harley 74 years old in solitary 8 years.
Jason Dhalquist 10+ years
Ronnie Gardner 20+ years
Paul Payne 20 years
Troy Kell 20 years
Andrew Lindsey 8+ years
Brandon Green 2 years
John Chaney 5 years
Phillip Hart 2 years
Frankie Vilarino 2 years
Travis Wycherly did 4 years (in part) and now going on 1 year

*Some have paroled. Travis, Jason. But they come right back* Wonder Why?

Spencer Hooper deceased 02/19/2009 in solitary.

The United Nations has put forward clear documents outlining
acceptable treatments of prisoners. These documents reaffirm that
prisoners retain fundamental human rights. Control Units are physical
and mental torture and they very clearly violate the human rights of

…It is their right and their duty to throw off such government and to
provide new guard for future security.

February 12th, 2010: US forces raided a home during a party and killed
five people, including a local District Attorney, a local police
commander, two pregnant mothers and a teenage girl to be married. An
April 5th, 2010 New York Time article clarifies that the US troops
engaged in a deliberate cover-up.

Am I some monster? I got drunk and high and bounced a check. I was
twenty at the time. I’ve been in a cell for almost eight years because
of this and I got until 2021 until I even come from under the shadow
of my probation/parole schedule. I’m from a poor family. Do you think
I’d be here in this prison if I was rich? Seriously.

What about the men who supervise our soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan. Do
you think they might be a tad bit over twenty years of age? Then why
do they continue to do these atrocities? Can we blame them because
they’re just a youngester like I was and lock them away?

These people murdered pregnant women. This Control Unit murdered my
friend Mr. Spider Hooper. If an apology is good enough so that no
punishment needs to occur, I apologized for being stupid and bouncing
that check. Why am I still here?

Mr. Spencer Hooper’s family didn’t even get an apology from UTDOC
administration. Just lies and cover-up.

To blame the soldiers who killed in cold blood (accidentally) is like
blaming these “corrections” officers running Unita One. Who are used
to taking orders. Who have been schooled and boot camped into obeying.

But can’t we blame the Sgt. Or the General? I mean, it’s okay to blame
isn’t it? I’m feeling 1-15 years of blame right now for my actions.
What is the Sgt's or Generals feeling? Applause. Handshakes. Sun on
his face?

Whatever happened to the war protesters and beatniks of the 60’s? Is
General McChrystal an ex-beatnik? Because I’m pretty sure Sgt. F.and
Officer S. were/are.

America, you cannot ignore these atrocities. Can you, and be okay
inside? I myself am ashamed and sad. I want to do something about our
country’s stupidity/cruelty. But I’m in one of its torture chambers.
I’m caged like a rat and fed like a mouse. I’m sick with Hepatitis-C
and deranged from talking to myself. What can I even do? I’m sure not
going to turn on the TV (haven’t seen a TV for over two years anyway)
and shrug the old shoulders and walk away.

Let me touch on some points here. Olympus is Utah’s Mental Health
Unit. It’s over flowing so they send the extras right here to Unita

Now Mr. John Chaney came from Olympus the same way Mr. Spider Hooper
did. The reason you haven’t heard from Mr. Chaney is because he has
made himself a covenant with god not to file grievances or drink water
from his sink (I am not joking). His other idiosyncrasies include
defacing his out-going mail with stupid remarks, so his mail never
makes its destination. Mr. Chaney believes himself the one and only
prophet of god.

Now they starve him as my accounts of abuses show. That includes
withholding milks and juices each meal. This man is in a bad way, in
several ways. He can’t stand up. When they force him out of his cell
every six or so months he is dragged out on a mattress. He has been in
prison for almost twenty years and could go home if he’d only attend
the Board of Pardons. But he refuses to do this. Something to do with
his god covenant.
Now add insult to injury. Mr. Chaney is a fundamentalist Latter Day
Saint. A Mormon who still believes in the polygamist doctrine (kind of
like Mr. Warren Jeffs) the old school Mormons. These guards guarding
us are new school Mormons. So Mr. Chaney is a sort of burr in their
dogma saddle.

Also as I just looked out my window and observed several “corrections”
officers goose-stepping while carrying rifles. Must be another run
through for the upcoming execution. Do you ever wonder what these five
men who shoot a defenseless, tied and blindfolded man will do directly
after they murder an inmate? Will they attend a Mormon service and
christen their granddaughter? Maybe go to their son’s T-ball game or
go to the local Chuck-O-Rama restaurant for hot wings.

I personally would be sick for years, for life actually. That’s one
cloud I do not want to be under, no matter the price, no matter the
command, commandment, direct order or law. No sir’ee.

Where was I?

Remember how I explained how the program works here? They take on man,
the ‘undesirable’ as our Nevada Comrades spoke, and place him in a
section. Each section has one of these usually, sometimes two but
usually one. Then they, the guards, pick and pick until it gets the
inmates to pick. Pretty soon the ‘undesirable’ tore up emotionally and

Let me touch on this ‘undesirable’ word here. To use that tag is
dangerous, especially when you yourself are an ‘undesirable’ in many
folk’s eyes. It goes like this:
If you’re a free person, you hate prisoners. If you’re a prisoner, you
hate snitches. If you’re a snitch, you hate sex offenders. If you’re
sex offender, you hate murderers. If you are a murderer, you hate free
people (society) for not allowing you to murder. And on and on.

You should see the look on these guards faces when I stick up for
these damn near “picked-clean” individuals. Not to mention the fellow
convicts uneasiness and anger at ignoring the “code” or whatever.
Inmates get mad, too, when their favorite officer gets fired or loses
I’m beyond all of that. I’m beyond giving a single care about what my
upcoming parole chances are after I’ve pretty much taken on the whole
Mormon state; thumbed my nose at them so to speak.

In comparison to our Nevada comrades, which most you are familiar
with, our situation and what’s happening is going to be their
situation if their demands don’t bear fruit. We have nothing, no phone
calls and no visitors. All we can order is stamps, pens and cards
(birthday, mother day, etc.) No books. Sporadic mail. There’s not even
electricity in our cells. The plugs are all cemented over. We do have
light, though it is on 24/7 and we cannot shut them off.

I hope this doesn’t sound weak but its past demands here and more like survival.

But back to Mr. Chaney, after I’ve sort of explained his horrid
condition, look at the abuses. Look at what they’re doing to him. Both
abuser and torture believe God is with them. It’s downright nasty and
horrible and it continues day after day, night after night. The man
withers on his mattress in dehydration fits.

This is just the one section, our section Two. There are seven more
sections at play here, eight in all. Who right now is sitting in
section three or four being abused? If you want to get right down to
it, we all are abused. Long term solitary confinement is considered
torture, at least by the world community and by the United Nations.

Then we look around our country and see Pelican Bay State Prison’s
torture chambers. We see one in Illinois and Colorado’s Florence
facility. Each American state has a solitary, where-as all other
countries have done away with the cruel practice.

This is a shot in the dark here, but I believe along with the US
ignoring torture they’ve ignored UN peace treaties and such in the
Middle East and the Geneva Convention. I remember the whole George W.
Bush controversy. I remember when it was discovered that Iraq had no
weapons of mass destruction. I vividly remember watching the ‘shock
and awe’ bombardment of Iraq from a small house in Monterrey Bay,
I was still a teenager and I was sitting with our puppy and my
girlfriend. I was free then and now I’m not because I made a mistake.
I got drunk and high and thought I was “superman-with-a-checkbook”.
Now I’m paying for that mistake, but why hasn’t America paid for its
mistake? Why is Afghanistan now paying it instead?

I beg somebody to tell me why. I plead for somebody to help me with
any misunderstanding.

According to a March 3rd, 2010 Save the Children report “The world is
ignoring the daily deaths of more than 850 Afghan children from
treatable diseases like Diarrhea and Pneumonia, focusing on fighting
the insurgency rather than providing humanitarian aid”. The report
notes that a quarter of all children born in the country die before
the age of five, while nearly 60 percent of children are malnourished
and suffer from physical or mental problems. The UN Human Development
Index in 2009 says that Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in
the world, second only to Niger in sub-Sahara Africa.

Most of my fellow inmates don’t care what happens to Mr. John Chaney.
It seems most of America doesn’t care what happens in Afghanistan. I
keep telling myself, ‘but at least the world and the United Nations
notices and cares about both wrongs’.

Then I am left with the fear that something might have grown callous
in my country after years of seeing such torture and slaughters.
Frankly, it frightens the crap right out of me. I hate to say it but
somebody’s got to. Keep in mind these words from a white
“non-undesirable-classed” convict.

Why all the hate and anger toward a handful of fundamentalist Mormons,
but not a single uneasy glance at the men in charge of these third
world slaughters?

Why such a disparity between the number of non-whites and whites in
prison? Whites, in prison are outnumbered four to one in a country of
80% whites. Are we all racist? If that is a ‘negative’ the why do we
keep voting for more prison expansions?

Why do we spend all this money on Boob Jobs and Viagra when millions
of children starve to death in Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, etc. or die
of preventable diseases?

Why is the American prison system set up for profit? Wouldn’t a
not-for-profit system be more able to focus on “correcting”
individuals? Unless the whole point is to warehouse all non-white
undesirables. No? Maybe the entire nation’s poor?

Why am I the one sitting in a UN declared torture chamber and not the
person who called the Iraq “Shock and awe” disaster? General Petraeus
wasn’t it?

February 21st, 2010: A three car convoy of Afghans was traveling to
the market in Kandahar with plans to proceed from there to a hospital
in Kabul where some of the party could be taken for much needed
medical treatment. US Forces saw Afghans traveling together and
launched an air-to-ground attack on the first car. Women in the second
car immediately jumped out waving their scarves, trying desperately to
communicate that they were civilians. The US Helicopter gunships
continued firing on the now unshielded women. 21 people were killed
and 13 were wounded. General Stanley McChrystal issued a videotaped
What about General McChrystal?

Who does this guy think he is? A druggie / alcoholic / check bouncer?
What gives him the right to say these sorts of things?

I’m a felon in a Supermax Dungeon. I have no rights, but I am also a
human being with a social conscience who has to live with myself. I’m
the one who has to close my eyes at night and seek an untroubled
sleep. You can call me any name in the book. You can pin on me any
jacket. You can “Undesirable” me to hell and back, but you’ll never
say I didn’t speak up when I saw a wrong committed. You’ll never count
me as one of the living dead.

…The creation of prisons as places designed to break peoples will to
resist, to think and to live is the most compelling testament to the
role of prisons as a means to extermination…

I have every right to just lay down and forget the world’s hypocricies and our country’s social wrongs. Being that I’m ath the very bottom of the gut pile.

…The United $nakes is the world’s leading prison-state per capita. The U.$. imprisons more Black people than did Apartheid South Africa of the era before Mandela was president. The majority of offenders are non-violent offenders and the U.$. government now holds about half a million more prisoners than China; even though China is four times our population. In this so-called “free country” freedom is imprisonment…

What it all boils down to is Uinta One is a control unit that uses long term isolation to break and kill us. And long term isolation is a form of torture condemned by the United Nations. Killing pregnant mothers in Afghanistan is a war crime of the most high.

I don’t think we should be talking about reforming torture or accepting apologies from war criminals. Uinta One should be shut down, along with all Amerikkkan control units, per U.N. Declaration. And General McCrystal should be tried for his crimes per Geneva Convention.

These are the true “undesirables.” The true “criminals.”

In strength (no apologies) and struggle,

Also published on: Utah Prison Watch

Monday, 6 September 2010

We've Nowhere to Go!

If I was to break this whole mess (prison) down into a simpler single term it would just be survival; a group of human beings attempting to survive and see another day and to breathe another breath even if it’s a painful breath.

A little larger look and we have these suicide bombers in the Middle East killing American troops. Their actions, even though they look very far from it, are about survival; right? I mean, do you think a person would blow himself and hundreds of people up, just because of hate? I don’t think so personally. There has to be some love inside their heads. Maybe love for their wives and children who’ve been killed and are being killed, because of the U.S. military occupations over there, the U.S. need for oil. No?

Survival: Simply to survive another day.

We were all born to a mother with this ingrained need to survive, To Live. We all have a mom whether that person is Iraqi or American. It all equals the same thing - human beings, homo-sapiens, surviving.

Now to look back on a past picture maybe. You have all seen the bloodthirsty media’s depiction of an “Indian” with scalps at his belt and blood on his tomahawk. The old west’s “Terrorist” depiction. But if you’ll check history you’ll find that this Indian learned scalping from the men he was fighting against for survival.

Sort of like the way that 19 year old in prison for petty joyriding charges learned rage, hopelessness and cruelty from keepers. People like Curtis Algier (* a Utah man who killed an officer on transport to the University Medical Center*) don’t just step on the scene readymade with batteries included. These Killers are created by their environments.

And please everyone these words are not apologist, justifying words to make a person’s wrongs seem right. These are just objective, reality based conclusions.
Picture if a man at your local Wal-Mart purposely placed small-pox or let’s say some sort of AIDS infection inside your Christmas purchases or bed linen for the family. Both scourges would kill your loved ones but let’s say you survived. Would you not make it your duty to make sure that the man’s blood was soon on your fist, your Tomahawk?

History has shown what men have done that to other men. The small-pox riddled blankets traded to American Indians, purposely - and survival was a factor in this. The men who gave the blankets out were attempting to survive. They were afraid for their lives and the lives of their children. These Indians were also attempting to survive and fought back against men who were killing their wives and children.
But who was the man who crossed the other man’s threshold?

In modern day parlance if you catch an intruder in your house you legally can shoot him. The first nations people (“Indians”) were and are just that, “First” Nations people.

The pox-blankets of old can be compared to the hummer-tank-underside equipped vehicles the military used today in Iraq / Afghanistan. You’ve all seen those huge sand colored armored vehicles with the V-shaped bottoms to prevent causalities and loss of limb. To prevent Death. To increase survival.

But who’s on whose threshold: Who’s in whose house to speak?
An Iraqi all suited up for war cruising the streets of downtown Salt Lake City would need more than an armored truck. An “Indian”, in days gone by, if he by some weird twist of fate landed on the European mainland and was walking downtown London with war paint and bow and arrow, would need armored truck and more.

I just question why it is that a certain man can cross other men’s threshold and socially this is okay. I wonder why certain men can assault, torture, murder, steal from, starve, sexually harass etc, etc. etc. and because he is a cop or “corrections officer” be free from mans laws. Because Phillip, Andrew, John, Donald, Travis, Spencer, Curtis, William, Paul, etc. and myself are being handed pox-riddled conditions / environments / treatments daily. They’re killing us and in some cases like Curtis Algiers “almost” killing us, poking us with a cruel stick through the bars of our cages so many times that we become snappish, and then releasing us back into society.

And why you ask would they do this? Again it is about survival. The DOC and BOP needs you to be scared of us, (the U.S. needs you to fear Iraqi’s and terrorists) so they expand. So they can justify 2.4 million of us in chains. Justify these wars on drugs and on terror. Because so many folks count on the system for livelihood. And expansion means money…
In essence the American people pay these men and women by way of their taxes to hand out pox-riddled blankets. And not to just anybody either; to your frightened sons, nephews, fathers, grandfathers and fellow man you do this, you pay for this to be done.
Sure death, an end to survival, was the climatic result of pox-blankets. To look at the statistics of these prisons, what they create one could not argue that sure death wasn’t ultimately the final outcome. But sure death comes in many forms. Look at H.I.V. and some cancers. They take time some of these.

The boy that grows up without his father because of an overzealous prison system and ends up lost on drugs, and ultimately overdoses is sure death.

The half-man half-boy who paroles all twitchy and nervous at twenty years old who is unable to find employment because of his record or lack of job skills (*PTSD* Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in Unita One parolees cases) and robs somebody just to eat is sure death, eventually.

The girl who was placed in foster care, because both parent waste away in prison
cells for drug charges and pursues an unclean lifestyle that involves AIDS and the transmission of this to hundreds is sure death for many.

War on Drugs you say?

A war on families, on survival, is more like it. A war on our lost children!?

I mean, the crime rate stays the same. It has for decades. Just look into it. But these prisons grow. Why?

And I speak all this and you might question: “If this system was so corrupt and hurting so many then why isn’t the crime rate increasing because those mind scrambled, then paroled, released, etc.” Let me just say too, the crime rate hasn’t lowered either.

But the reason again is survival. The whole in-justice system is about that. A man can survive, however dismally situated, for a quite a whole within this shady system. They know this. He will survive long enough to perpetuate the mass hysteria of a war on crime by being a paroled ‘nut-case’ and providing that ever present Ten-o-clock news high speed chase. Long enough to bring some friends and family members down with him to fill the prison bed space.

Then he’ll die. Then it starts all over again with his son, nephew or brother. By the time he’s served his purpose as the boogeyman “criminal” there should be enough beds open, because of expansion, for all three. *Hello parasitic job security*

68% recidivism rate for inmates paroled from general population. 88% from control units like Unita One. What’s the fastest growing prison type? Control Units! Why? Better odds for those that profit from this system. This system of ‘more-equals-more-money’: more job security. More harsh punishments. More War. More Oil. More ‘turning of a mass blind eye’ to a system that’s proven not to work.

Where do we go from here? More pox-blankets anyone? Please, no.

In strength (brutal reality) and hope,
Brandon G.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Firing Squad

    I've seen them walk in with the bleach
    Goose stepping out with the rifles
    Bloody fragments and bone in blonde hair
    Brand new Casio watch, new shoes, clean underwear
    The traces of the dead man's Prozac
    Ulcer medications and ibuprophins
    Mingle loosely with the trigger mens viagra
    with their cocaine and caffeine grins
    Where you off to now Mr. Executioners?
    After you've lynched in the most disgusting way
    you are off to your grandchild's christening
    to her prom night or school play
    my sweat drips on to the cold concrete and I chant, i say, "you can't stop us,
    it's inevitable. Soon all you know will fall."
    Tattered socks scrape and squeak as I motion
    I raise my arms and tap my chest, "ten"
    counting out the sets and counting down the days
    here's a promise that I believe the people support
    we won't blindfold you, we'll allow you to watch
    you'll need to see the ones now holding the rifles
    are the very same you've oppressed, starved and stifled
    and we will pull the trigger out of social conscience
    not out of your racism, greed or chauvinistic pride
    and it will not be a secret, the world can watch
    nothing will need to be hidden or secret
    because we'll explain why, to our children we'll teach it
    that the reason we kill you pig isn't out of hate
    it's that food you stockpiled that the starving masses never ate

July 2010

Monday, 1 February 2010

Dear Pig

Everything you are
is everything I hate
Everything you love
is everything I ain't
I want to live
you are already dead
I struggle to achieve revolution
Divesting knowledge like you do bread
The day your obese heart stops
and all you know ceases to exist
I'll still be sweating truth
Your daughter my wife, you not missed
Keep me here for years
but know the longer I stay
my mind's building the future
how it'll be one day
Understand I'm a man now
not that weak confused child
What pain you caused me growing up
will return, boomerang, anything but mild
For now I sit
starved, rattling my chains
but I'm stronger for this
You weaken by the day!

Also published here.
February 2010

Friday, 1 January 2010

Hogan Return

Prison building in the distance
Stop it I say
Cease trying  to emulate the mountains
With your concrete crags.
The mountains are from God
Yours are manmade peaks
His will forever stand tall
Yours, like Troy, will fall
Damn you penitentiary
Your halogen lights attempt to rival the stars
Blasphemy, a sinner is what you are
Keeping Mother Nature out
And the poor luckless men and women in
Gulag you are destined to fall
The sun will rise on your destruction
Fingering your greasy bricks with her rays
The keepers gone home, dazed and confused
Feeling guilty, feeling soiled and used
Taken by Satan’s wiles they marched
Cuffed, beat, starved, viciously, mind-beat
Their fellow man
He raises his head and wails
Catching, billowing, pushing revolution’s sails
A movement is born on their wind
Millions together at last begin
To rebuild, to heal, to discover truth
We owe it to the people to destroy your false face
We owe it to our youth
Us Natives own this place.

January 2010