Saturday, 22 January 2011

Damn me?!

There’s this confusing aspect I’ve never quite been able to understand about Christian morality. You see, I’ve sat alone for three years in a solitary supermax control unit sensory deprivation dungeon. Where every emotion is sharpened a hundred fold but every avenue to share or express this feeling is cruelly taken away. Except mail. And my pen.

So it irks into me to receive these fancy guilded colourful Christmas cards from total strangers where they´ll tell me they love me but damn me to the depths of hell in the same breath. Because I´m a sinner, my soul is in limbo and it´s time for me to repent and prostrate myself to the all-mighty glorious One. Or burn!

But I love you, brother, take care. Is this what a motherf#$ker needs? Maybe if you all got together out there and started chanting and holding hands, these walls that hold amerikka´s 2.4 million political prisoners would crumble and we could join you for a psalm.

Were waiting…

Of course, maybe because we are top notch “sinners” in your books, the last thing you want is for us to be released. Does that thought frighten you? Is it a whole hell of a lot easier to pray for someone´s soul than it is to minister to their torturous mind f%$cked life? Because, in reality, Christians and “criminals” are both mind-washed masses. I´d be surprised if one could exist without the other. The former needs the latter to lord over and condemn. And preach to from afar. (the further, the better, no?) And what would a “criminal” do without the piles and piles of guilt, shame, sense of inferiority and hurt his brother christian bestows? In shiny Christmas cards.

The time has come to turn the tables. Your religion and these U$ koncentration kamps; your steeples and the judges´ pulpit; the church and the court house are one and the same. Tools of oppression. Both are filled with bigotry, racism and egotism. The priest and the judge. The gangster, the killer and the dope dealer. Who are the real sinners here? Who´s the bad guy? The true gang?

I heard once that to interact with true insanity in a person one has to be aware of the fact that craziness likes to jump ship. Meaning: a crazy person has the ability to make you feel like you´re the one that´s nuts. And I´d say the same applies to unjust systems I power. They have a way of mind-washing you into a nazi or a “crazed-fascist-mexican-border-minuteman.”

So father-elder-sister-brother our struggle is a fight to survive. Day to day. Minute to minute as human beings. Your creed and country are killing us as you pass around the collection plate and mail “form-letters” to us to ease your consciences. Our struggle attempts to raise our fellows´ ´self-esteem´ and heal -  not ´guilt-trip´ and destroy as your church does. The living, right here and now, interests us. Not some idealist bourgeois bullshit afterlife and prostrate and ask for mercy. And not from the all-mighty or some winged man. But from your fellow man you´ll kneel in supplication. And I´m going to ´go-there´, I must.

Why are we the ones hated? The prisoners. Who sit and study and starve to death. And why are they the ones supported? The soldiers. The ones who drop bombs on innocent people for a paycheck. Maybe because all we do is keep beds full and a handful of your employed, we´re inferior? At least compared to those that keep your gas tanks full and new amerikkan colonies occupied we are. No?

But I disgress.
Brother Christian, I´ll wish you a merry christmas also. And I send my love. But please note I´m not parting with some ´beefed-up-scare-tactic- ultimatum´ that might leave you in tears tonight, fingering your pistol. I understand that your kind, who keep medical science in a moral chokehold and evolution out of the elementary schools, are escapist and weak. I know a person who´s a citizen of earth´s most ´murderous-racist-atomic-imperialist-hypocritic´ nation feels a need to bury the old. Head in the sand. I feel you. I used to hide beneath the needle myself.

I just ask you keep your demons to yourself. Please. Never once did I try to push my dope on you. So give me the same respect.

And as you stand bent over with your head in a stale hole, know the rest of us have woken up and changed the cd. That bass beat you hear as you lose consciousness from lack of oxygen isn´t the ´Stars and stripes.´
We´re rocking the anthem of international socialism round these parts. The Internationale.

Let no one build walls to divide us,
Walls of hatred nor walls of stone.
Come greet the dawn and stand beside us,
We´ll live together or we´ll die alone.
In our world poisoned by exploitation,
Those who have taken, now they must give!
And end the Vanity of nations…
We want no condescending saviors
To rule us from their judgement hall…

And comrad Christian… comrade!!!

In strength (nighty night) and struggle

@Comrade Christian@
(Blue Light Special)
Show me where it hurts
And I´ll stick a knife in it
Tell me all about it
But – you know – I´ve only got a minute
My flock sits perspiring
Fat, useless but pretty
Dressed to the nines
With pockets full of $10s and $20s.
I walkabout like a loudmouth cock
Strutting and condemning
My paycheck is paid on guilt
My new suit from J.C:Penny´s
A half off sale on common sense
Scare tactics and twisted history
Buy two get one free
Trading evolution for hypocrisy
Sell your soul to the denomination
Hurry before it´s too late!
Cast them muslims into damnation
We preach love not hate (right??!)
Fundamentalist islam, fundamentalist christian
Fundamentalist amerikkan in support of
A fundamentally racist system
I send strength to all Georgia comrades
And the other fifty states
I send strength to all comrades worldwide
Let´s do this damn thing mates!