Monday, 9 December 2013


you know, this feeling is death
like an assassinated presidents
brains sitting in the lap of his wife
still warm, exciting, like
where you been

you know, this well-being feeling is illusion
like a country worm eaten
with prisons and mass caskets waiting
cities stricken, S.W.A.T. cordoned
crack quieted, as the countryside sits awake
months, spun, pigs and horses

you know, the feeling i felt in that cell
that never could anything ever work out
that some basic thing inside was broke
that THE MAN was out to get
and i would die all alone hepatitis sick

pulled back from this by a bracelet
of rosemary in the mid-east
walking back and forth on pristine cement
to crunching home in 15 below
you know a part of you, but which?
survived it

so today im to the library, to the mountain
this body that has held his nephew
and a womans body smelling of expensive perfume
this body that performs same exercise
same sets, same sweat

you know, ive stumbled politically because
so much here vying for attentions
ill admit to entertaining the consumerist
sex sparkled, side tracks
but i was given life because of politics

a revolutionary death, buried in red flag, hated
by the labor aristocrat amerikkan
spit upon by the four hundred pound
embraced by the ninety
this ones for the 500 million starved annually
first world casualties

facebook stupid, pornography jaded
bullshit propaganda couched in sarcasm
motherfuck your cliches and moral high-grounds
your repetitive rich puppet elections
from deify to hated
again and again...

bourgeois weaken as my nephews
die a martyr or lie bloody
felled by your own people for imperialist corporations
bloody puppet brains useless
like your nation of white supremacist
labor aristocrats on vicoden
anti-psychotics and anti-depressants

Thursday, 14 November 2013

*Story Truth* 11.14.2013

Once upon a time these simian earthlings evolved from trilobites into amazing creatures that knew rockets, nuclear fission and genomes. But the stupid creatures allowed degenerate rulers to mindwash them and keep them as sheep; to halt evolution of the mind. With things like drugs, religion and fear.
The rulers made relationships so futile and unsatisfying that the sheeple suffered more than any other time of their existence. This pain clouded the vision of the populace and left them seeking Mr right or Ms perfect instead of rising the fuck up for the sake of future generations. If people progress the pigs take them out. Solitary confinement, lethal injection and pariah status. Like working mcdonalds.

The point is to find those who wish to dedicate theirselves to evolution and the human species as a whole. the point is to begin what our children must finish.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

*Discard* 11.09.2013

caffine , sugar and solitude
loose sweats, shaved head, oldies

paying these fines and attending these classes
sleeping sleep slowly, living life finally

the funny thing is these enemies
who are your friend only if

the scary thing is breeding, matrimony
easing the boredom of being

remember the chains scraping on cement
screams of those lost, anti psychotic

you can see me mopping floors at mcdonalds
hear the plastic scraping cement

one day i will just be wind
pushing the sand dunes as i was meant

listen to the stars asking illusion
feeling the madness, dancing friendships
with those still taking serious
animated stardust

old folks homes, solitary cells
plastic mcdonalds tables

billions served similar cartons
used seconds
disposed automatically

chew, flush, swipe card, forget
that when you believe in nothing but quickness
taste and colorfulness

life becomes point a, point b

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

*Fairy Tale* 11.05.13

the day i was released, my mama didnt recognize me
and a comrade offered to take me to dennys 
for breakfast. we ate mcdonalds. both ashamed
corporate salads and quarter pound meat

sitting in my first real seat in seven years
i watched selena gomez. amazed that
such beauty beside such ugly 
pop comedy

keepin up with my lawsuits
sleepin, wakin to leg cramps
clockin into work with a smile
dyin inside wanting to cry

planning for the day the prison needs feeding a constant
how long could a human live on pine nuts, in a tree hut
stomach bleeding to the tune of squirrel chirping
is it safe to caliber imagined shootouts

cant vote. cant possess weapons
cant miss a piss test or its 2023
can you believe surviving solitary confinement
anti imperialist 

employed by a corporation. entranced by patriarchist, degrading
female hip twists

watched needles break skin, breaths emanate alcoholic beverage
seen the fatal societal pariah status lift and lock
barely released meat prized
by the stale, needy no longer around me

but by me the many
body bagged

in front of me those who believed
i make believe

Saturday, 26 October 2013

*Lehmans cave* 10.27.2013

....  been like this since birth. tough love tough life
when all along looking for a reason in real eyes....

did it. here. this side of the fence
wake up. sleep. to the tune of dead presidents

looking into the eyes of judgemental cowards
snickering females that dont know what real man is

a month ago i ceased my train
in order to lower myself and dull the sharpness.
desensitize my mind. become one
with those i freeworld do time

as the sweat dripped into carpet this afternoon
and my nephew giggled watching you tube
peanut butter jelly time cartoon

my voice lightened like yellow leaves falling
and laughter, colors... i wondered why i would
lower myself to please those diseased

cant connect. see eye to eye
out here its what now, this second, can get us by
but death in numbness equals no life

visits to the graveyard feel like coming home
tapping texts that suck my soul from the bone

seven seventy five an hour
three hundred dollar bi weekly paychecks
spent buying ammunition for parole officers gun
paying off the beast smiling like its fun

body that sat a decade in a hole
wrapped in mcdonalds belt
wiping tables, breaking down boxes
smiling like its fun

you want it to stop but it never does
paycheck to paycheck
bells tolling, rubber thinner
home. work. dinners done

dressed in black, back to a tree, gravestone surrounded
cars circling roads around markers, not even getting out
dont want to leave surround-sound for one second
uncushioned existence awkward. change the station

double meal. happy nuggets
fighting the fuck its
the what if blues and what is

you say you are happy
car door slam. car door shut
but i can smell your pains emanating
like grease behind the fryers stalagmites

staligtites dripping. smiling, smiling,
wired to feel happiness

Thursday, 17 October 2013

*He's back*

i have been out of prison a few months now, employed doing maintanence at mcdonalds, and generally avoiding sticky people and situations. i met and peacefully broke up with a kind woman and the heartache feels very human and good after that ten year solitary numbness. my lawsuits, green v downs 2:12-cv-00432 and green v galetka 2:12-cv-00600-cw, are still very much active. i pay supervision fees. i comply. im out.....

i have a cell phone and a laptop. very little time to write or think out here. i am hoping to get back into the mix here and this is my first attempt, tapping a keyboard instead of gripping a control unit flexi pen. . . there is very few real people out here in this "freeworld". my family and a handfull of comrades and the rest.... its how it feels to me.. . .the rest seem to be at the earlier stages of discovering what living means and is for. i, like i said, steer clear of these blazing personal trails.

all the people i corresponded with in prison, they and i have struggled to maintain closeness, i think this is normal in transition. i would like to contribute to the struggle to reveal the torture going on across amerikka in sensory deprivation control units. i invite people to ask any questions they might have and am seeking ways to help get the word out about this oppressive injustice system.

i have the coolest two nephews, the smartest most kind little sister, and a big brother i respect wholeheartedly. my mother is the glue that keeps us all together and i hope she knows how much we all love her. extended family, father and grandmother etc, on the sidelines ready to help each other out. its beautiful to be back in this loving family, i appreciate you all....

but my experiences with the prison system have changed me. i am not looking for a wife and bowling. im wanting to dedicate my life to fighting oppression. but, this much everyone knows...

                      so, im here. im back. out of the cages. getting footing. standing....
                      i wasnt supposed to make it. we aint supposed to survive to tell the tale.
                      but aint aint a word. . .

     in struggle,

Monday, 25 March 2013

Brandon's writings on website Between the Bars

Since some months, Brandon's writings have appeared on the website called Between the Bars. They scan his writings and post them there. You can comment also to them there. We did not know they were doing this until a friend found the site and told us. We are glad he is sending them his writings, but we like to have known. Still! We will post a few of the writings here when we can.

Here is Brandon's profile on Between the Bars, and here is his essay called Mama Told Me (March 3rd 2013):

Here is Brandon's All Alone Amnesia (written March 10th 2013)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Brandon Green Re-entry Fund

[updated Feb 23rd: Chipin will discontinue its services soon]

Greetings friends, strangers and supporters of Brandon Green!

Since this coming Spring, the possibility is reasonably high that Brandon will be paroled (he writes us that he was taken from the supoermax unit and that he will be placed in different units each 30 days up to his parole): we know it is serious.

Brandon has told us that he will go to the halfway house in Utah upon parole.

He needs some funding to put his life together again: clothes, books, maybe even telephone cards and bus tickets, internet access to find a job, all of these need to be paid for when he emerges.

Here is the link to a Chipin we made for this purpose:

[Note on feb 23rd: Chipin is going to discontinue its services! So we have to take down the Chipin!]

You can of course also send Brandon donations via the way Utah DOC says here:

Now is our chance to show Brandon we want to help him with concrete donations. If you cannot donate monetary funds, keep in mind if you can donate something to him that is useful and that you want to give. (clothes, books, an old phone or laptop, etc). Once we know he is being paroled, we will try and organize an address where you can donate things to for him.

If Brandon will not be paroled this time, we will use any money gathered to help him pay off his Civil Lawsuits and get him some books and funds for his canteen, which he can now have! sent into the prison.


Brandon's friends in the USA and in Europe