Sunday, 26 January 2014

*Waiting For* 01.26.2014

Ten years fast-forwarded
Everyones aged but you
Gone, Lost, Stolen, you name it
Everyones lived but you

Seeing those you babysat babysitting
The faces of friends shrunk
Bodies buried, decomposing, decimated
The faces of friends dust

And then you see people strugglin
With life, love and happiness
Cant help but laugh when
One who by all rights shouldnt have made it
Makes it

Bodies caffinated, in cells breaking muscles
Sweat puddles and dust dated
Like the day they layed you down
To the firing squad
Silently celebrated

Warehouses of grease stained cement
Made to forget those who never forget
All comes down to the minute
People envision what its like

One second knowing ten to go
Home becomes the enemy haunting
Becoming uneasy off your matress, out of cage
Fight tooth and nail to remain
Cuddling softly
Comfortable chains

Seeing a female in a photo
You wish you were there
Then you get here and they disappear
Because you were there

To this uneasiness feeling not at work
As if nine and a half hours a day
Moving to the rythems of interstate freeways
Caged mattress-wishing replaced

4:21 a.m. in that cell i trained
Wrote massive 46 page letters
Waiting for my bologni sandwich
Counting the years not the days

4:23 a.m. "The killers" on radio play
Cross legged as always tapping keys
Thoroughly potty-trained by the system
I sit urine-clean of all substance, mind mush from exhaustion
Waiting for payday