Thursday, 27 November 2014

* Goose Step * 11/28/2014

Tabulate strength in a spine in comparison to that of a pine tree. Measure your worth dead to that of the living. Staring up at a grey sky whos uncaring of all humanities been through. Wondering the purpose of our wasteful existences.
Its not like saving money will save the world. The do it yourself movement isn't the answer to anything. Seems like we are on a one way trip to nowhere and nobody cares beyond this minute. Purposeless we playact our nonexistent purposes.
Fuckin sittin behind a desk our whole life. Takin money for chips. Bedridden guilty consciouses scratching sick itch as we cough up the expensive habits we suffer with.
Squeezing out feelings we spend whole lives holding in. Dribbling down our shirtfronts in dark rooms nicely locked. Eyes darting for witnesses of sordid imaginings.
Sick pathetic Amerikkkkkkk.