Sunday, 4 January 2015

* we forget * 01/04/2015

On the cusp of a breakdown
Because my hand that's fed bitten
My love returned to me destructive
Turned on by everyone I've built up

Its called, in essence, beginning of the end
Because those arounds hidden emotions
Of hurt hidden in their Busch beers
Weed, pills and methamphetamine
Transferred onto me like an acid

Sick. Like a dead mans last gasps
But up. Moving. Doin Everyones work
Buried in your spit that i created
Through feeding and heating you
This the classic ending of the magnificent

One track minded between work and bills
Parlay momentarily with modern love lust
Let down and lettin down like bank accounts
Spent i sit with erratic heartbeat
Curious how much time i have left

Death. Not such a bad thing to the dead
Eyes placed to witness greatest and worst
From pinnacles of galaxies to coal pits
We witness moments yet forget...