Thursday, 26 February 2015

* Prayer of Allegiance * 02/26/2015

Big prisons, big money, hidden racism
National oppression secreted away Abu Grahib style
Takes thirty years of reaganomics and drug war
To complete bourgeois smashing of middle class

Look into the evil eyes of every presidents final years
Podium lying with banker hands assed tightly manipulating
See the faces of returning soldiers
Stealing freedoms they were sworn to protect

Rich protecting their existences
From realizations
Poor, oppressed realizations

At the towers of TV and radio stations
Posted up in prison towers
Crosshairs on the mind
Like the solitary cells set up to digest
Slowly, the minds and bodies of the most progressive

Those with nothing to lose but their chains
We will win again and again
Power to the people destined
Death to the puppeteers behind the silk curtain

Hungry and cold the strip celled await breakfast
Unbroken, refusing pharmaceutical poisons
Another day for the fact it weakens resolve
As all around captives snore doped to the gills

More punishment because of refusal
Acknowledgment of tiny resistance
With basic needs withheld
For years

Like he who completes inhuman task
With broken back and collapses
On the stage before witnesses
For the simple second of eye contact
As heart stops with a single audience member

Like, remember
When you tuck in your little ones
What you've done
With your 30.30 caliber firing squads
Sensory deprivation then painful lethal injections

A heartbeat

They can only hide us for so long
Force medicate and sleep deprive so long
Before those who cage have family caged
Before those who control have loved ones suffering under control

Before you pledge allegiance to your trash flag
Bloodied with the innocent buried in cement
Tarnished with the deformed babies born because U.$. munitions

Believe your God is a better God
But refuse consideration of no God
Because fear for your afterlife
Overrides your love of the present
Like Amerikka thinks they have the right
Because they're rich and Christian
To destroy the poor nonchristian

Pig religiosity, swine patriotism
Pink prison administrations and parole boards
Overseeing the brown skinned
Owing years and checks
Federal government withholding and holding
Down those able to rise up

My death will be like nothing
The life built forgot
Spit on even by those i loved

Its the way they want it
No foundation, no dedication
Nothing allowed to chapter one in to The End
Of the enemy being your best friend
The priest being everything
And your own father and brother worthy of cop calling

Because property and property damage
In capitalist society overshadows family
White skin undershadows the prison system
Underlining skin tint warred upon and caged

To please your Jesus
Your fake Jesus
Heartbeatless, podiumed presidents
Cold as the strip celled
Fingers gripping microphones and flexi pens
The alive verses the dead

Muhammad verses Christian
Black verses white
Rich verses Poor
Day and Night, Life and Death

Contradictions like seconds
Hour hand continually overturns
We think in rising and falling empires
You, with your eternal afterlife crutches
Sitting in comfort
Unaware that the present uncomfortable

Hold the keys to Emerald city
Peoples future verses presents false pasts
The inevitable verses the rich, frightened hands
Impossible, untenable historically disproven plans

A heartbeat

Realizations in generations
100 year heartbeats

Just a stage built each day of resistance
Strip celled, sensory deprived
Shock and Awed

The inevitable of existence
The age old table turning of contradiction

My God
We the people