Wednesday, 12 August 2015

*Absence of Needing* 08/12/2015

So you think you can dance
With the Demons enchanting
Solo thoughts in solitary cells

So you think this existence
Has meaning
Like clean shirts and shiny cars
Or is it all just made up
Make believe until we leave
Must to Dust

So she's the one
And he's finally come
And your new toys are perfect
Fit to fit just like it was meant
Sleeping good wrapped up in consumerist delusions

I say so you think you can die
This minute without regret
So you think you can live
Without regretting moments

To leave it all
On the doorstep of the banks
Take yourself to the woods
Rot your teeth as you feed your being

Being nothing
Planning nothing
Getting up
Chopping firewood
Chewing jerky
Falling asleep

Total disconnect from oil roads
The daily here to there
The worry of your smell
Or shinyness or dullness of hair

Giving up you might say
But its not
Just finally

Evolving up
To the trees and the dirt
To being a being
Without needing
That which isn't worth needing