Tuesday, 22 September 2015

*Umbilical Gun* 09/22/2015

The pinnacle of delusion
Looking down
Had it with it because for a while
Had it all
From nothing to something
To nothing
To thinking about jumping

Bouncing back and forth between emotion
Wishing for the body slam
Dirted disappeared hurting
Listen to the townfolk thinktank
About his problem
Soon favor extended in solving

You should never peel back calous
And then run
You should never whiten teeth
With lemon
Outlive teeth over brushed
Or dedicate yourself to a perfect woman
Cause she'll consume you
Let go of heartbeat with lost lust

Letting go of a chemical high
The love of a woman
A species I'd not seen ten years
Was all mine for eight months
Same age yet ten younger
Because mentally caged as a boy
But her blasé blasts my soul like shotgun
Leaves me a bloody mess
Spongeing myself with my carelessness

Each sopping up and dirt slapped nerve ending
I give up every second
Each and every minute a casket
Hours like cremation
Days like the roots into brain
Lying dust under her tree of everything

I watered her with my soul unknowingly
One should hold back a piece
Just in case lying empty outstretched
Hands beseeching from casket easy chair

When you just become the old oil painting
Hanging from the wall in faded rose
And passing processions silently tick by
Wondering how he did it so long
Alone entombed only to give up consumed
By the most beautiful thing

Bore by a vagina and broken by one
Suckled the teats of life
And breastfed from my grinning reaper
As the little laugh she left me with resounds
In my thin skull like my first cry

The blood drips smack earth
Desperate eyes looking up at doctors finger noose
My nervous system one last time reaching for her
With my last breath wishing
Heart attack upon her breast

Or the doctor would of just dropped me
Before i felt the coldness
And loved her eyes so much