Sunday, 13 September 2015

*Hold Me* 10/15/2012
Sixteen soldiers can reannimate an idol
Revolutionary violence and study go hand in hand
More you are willing to die for revolution
More you will deepen knowledge seeking solution
Take torture remake it strengthen off it
Make death poetic end agitational statement
Let young know can kill flesh that's all
Live on in essays, hearts, minds poetically immortal
Bodily hungers surpassed by those for the people
Switching objectives scientifically as needed
Sniffing air ascertaining fear to target into
Lowered shoulders heightens heart rate like pow wow drum
Shrouded facial pain beneath sweat slicked skin
Veins in forearms like mighty root digging in
Body, mind willing as heart begins skipping beat
Everythings your last, better make finale' sweet
Internal laughter as suited swine tighten torture
Hurt me motherfuckers, that's right hurt me more
Return in kind in future all you can create
Build in this body and mind more reason to hate
Love for women diseased patriarchy thus far prevents
Causes this masculine skin objective to invent
Grey matter in back and brain tuned into species
Able to hold future in nerve cell prior to creating
Underneath these stars prison hallogens prevent seeing
Beside this mountain razor wire prevents touching
Progression knows these phenomenon are within reach
Must build and break superstructure slowly for offspring
Become beacon broadcasting intermittent energy
Huddle into this rock naked Morse Code like being
Fits and starts with fingers on insanities pulse
Control Unit Solitary I.M.U. creates and destroys me
Like suicide bomber blowing building then disappearing
Live like its my last breath modern day revolutionary
Live like revolutionary woman sleeps soundly beside me
Future exists already in the blood of our youth
Beware poisons young comrade as they enhance what you can't do
Learned one thing, isolation increases equal to ones progression
More one stands alone more you only count on you
Now bury these bones beside the rest and keep on
Masculine pain reearthed into feminine embrace