Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pig Sponge

*Pig Sponge* 02/17/2015

Did you spend money today
have you eaten the plastic packaging
on timeclocks and twinkies
orgasms and futures
molded from primetime
billionaires donations of bank interests
the systems penis on your tonsils
come again.
Did you find the one who makes you laugh
whom can delusion similar futures
and forgive your pasts
do your asses enjoy the same couch fabrics
dinner table drivel conversations
and offspring pierced and dyed
for the military or police force
blame the pain on terrorism
chemical imbalance or the healthy
unhealthy urges of dear old dad.
Have you sat long enough in front of T.V.s
soaped yourself enough with lotions
that you can believe your existance has purpose
that the phone in your face isnt harmless
your bra not just a harness
sins forgiven because you repress them
if they could only read your dreams
haltered in religious make believe.
Have you had your nicotine
and your children their autism shots
do you still celebrate a turkey
and sit in judgement of ejaculations
wrongly pointed like the guns
of amerikkan soldiers pointed
anywhere but their coward faces.
Do you have high hopes of a future
where nothing changes except more wealth
but more sun shortens the night
and the darkness is needed or else
like a san bernardino partnership
more heart than a whole U.S. platoon.
Overshadowing pig light with much needed darkness
death to your religious nationalistic sun
bask in the light of the dialectical materialist moon.
Like houdini ive shucked your chains
snipped your debt labor strings
sit snickering at each new tragedy
that befalls the spreaders of the tragic.
Almost lost myself in a relationship
with one who pretends worse than my relations.
So bald face that i didnt even see it
until they closed ranks with the serious
almost cutting off my revolutionary comedic.
Proved i could do it
daily prove we will defeat it
by the simple fact we laugh at it
as you approach the inevitable with full seriousness.
We piss on your flagged graves with clean piss
as the stench of your alcoholic rottingness wafts up
through your uniforms sweated through with anti depressants
dirt that couldnt care less republican or democrat
the earth reaching upward thirstily consuming first world flesh
enjoying the carnival comedic in your packed funeral processions.
come again
and again
and again
and again...