Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Evolved Encampments

*Evolved Encampments* 03/13/2016

Pulled an eye muscle watching the world decay
Constantly wondering why people even try
Fools pressing forward with fruitless missions
Its like everyones manipulated against their will.

If studied enough history predicts the future
Seeing it all so soon leaves me unbelieving
The wisdoms sheening the essence of events
focus of the cameras zooming the pointless.

Perpetuating the lives of the old parasitically
Allowing religious thought into knowledge
Wisdom wasted, grey faced inadequacies
Like fucking a decade after puberty.

Wonder why you cough when you smoke
Walking weakly on lard legs of atrophy
Do you shun violence because you believe its wrong
Anger saved for truth memes and unpopular songs.

Remorsed into an amerikkan soldier inadequate
Presidentially pansied into currencies punk
Dressed like the rest in bejewelled denim
typing googily mash-faced against screens.

The slight rush of prescription make-believe
Quickens heartrates in first world apartments
Rent slaves sipping boxed wines between cigarrete butts
Bottle-fed false events on the teats of the elite.

The coughing, smeared faces in camps of refuge
Burying bodies matter of fact thirdworldly
Trails of dirt piles replace repressed tears
Border rushing, breadcrumb chewing peoples surround.

Homo sapien advancement like the sun
Rising on the pale backs of pigness
Pinkness to darkness to sediment to bud
Worthless creatures only useful as blood enriched mud.

The Final Forgiveness.