Sunday, 30 August 2015

* Never Mine Always Hers* 08/30/2015

It was like a whirlwind
And as i sit windless, alone
I miss the feel of the gales bloodily
Tearing away cruelessly at my skin

It was like in eight months
I forgot all about those ten years
Solitary and Alone
But now they're here again
Like sandpaper filled seashells stepped on
By bloody, windblown skin

Never once did she rub my back
The money i made was hers
She even left me on my birthday
Never mine but always her hurt
My concern

Total focus
Now I'm left with nothing except all I'd given up
You can't imagine it
The way her brown eyes conveyed mystery

Asian eyes on latina ass cheeks
Her toes and fingers those of Mayan princess
Hair cascaded down shoulders of an Aztec queen
Her walk the most preciously obscene
Jeans, black eye liner and nail polish

Beyond angelic speaking her new language
Driving her stickshift Tiida in anger
Walking through the door after work in tears
Up and down in constant emotion

I was crushed and beaten with her feelings
It was always too much and never enough
It was she's needy and I've nothing left
Wishing someone can handle her

Wanting to kill anyone who touches her
Touched her so much that now I'm dead
She's gone now a country away
And now I'm here again with my feet on the ground

And i don't like it i want it to stop
Just end please this feeling
Read meaning in these bloody footsteps
Of a man who flew because of a woman
For so long he forgot how to walk

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

*Shitty Fingers* 08/25/2015

Weight lifting and watering the lawn
Not working to enrich the man anymore
Set on using my wiles to gather others waste
Enough of everything floating around to subsist

Preparing for the worst by relaxing
Letting it happen while muscle builds
Bilking the government for pantry paycheck
Going to use my prison mental upset to get

Manipulate the system until system implodes
Until the land earthquakes into sea
Or falling rock rockets cometesque earthward
Collapsing the tunnelworks hidden like Mormon swearword

Not gonna do it anymore
Playing along with your consumption
The playacting of wanting blasted upon brainstems
With trivial knowledges driveled unto deathishness

Made up histories and make believe futures
So out of reach and out of touch
Beyond retching and explatory motherfucks
Like shitting the only truth we've left

On the comode with the one remaining truth
What goes in must go out
And what empires rise
Must be wiped from the face of the world

Skidmarked like cheap gravestones
Trailing like skelatons behind amerikkan flags
Flushed away like lower class families dads
Imprisoned in noncorrectional sewers

Making it another day in order to flush it
That's it
That's all I've got

Friday, 14 August 2015

*A Step Up* 08/14/2015

Occupational safety hazard
That is
Your life's killing you
Just waiting patiently for the grave
Silently wishing you outlive the others

A non contract signed with life
That so much effort must be set forth
For so much rest inbetween
Tit for Tat
Deathbedded amazed wondering
I did this for that

You know when you see unchanged
It changes you
Maybe thats why the unchanging never change
They can't see you

Why is it that death makes us live
That a funeral makes us feel better
Why do we wish graves
Upon those the closest to us
But pray long lives on strange celebrities

When non buisness becomes felonious
And non cooperation becomes terrorist
The act of not paying idolaterous
The establishment ravishing you into the perfect consumerist

Immersed in bullshit a constant
Damning yourself for playing along
Can't them sorry motherfuckers just get it over with
Die already you bastards

My future family seeks your soiled place mats
Lives full of future and meaning
Verses your smelly alcohol breaths
Full of pain and confusion

Let those who seek less consuming
Replace the consumed
Its the right of the evolved beings
The shoulders of the weak non doing

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

*Absence of Needing* 08/12/2015

So you think you can dance
With the Demons enchanting
Solo thoughts in solitary cells

So you think this existence
Has meaning
Like clean shirts and shiny cars
Or is it all just made up
Make believe until we leave
Must to Dust

So she's the one
And he's finally come
And your new toys are perfect
Fit to fit just like it was meant
Sleeping good wrapped up in consumerist delusions

I say so you think you can die
This minute without regret
So you think you can live
Without regretting moments

To leave it all
On the doorstep of the banks
Take yourself to the woods
Rot your teeth as you feed your being

Being nothing
Planning nothing
Getting up
Chopping firewood
Chewing jerky
Falling asleep

Total disconnect from oil roads
The daily here to there
The worry of your smell
Or shinyness or dullness of hair

Giving up you might say
But its not
Just finally

Evolving up
To the trees and the dirt
To being a being
Without needing
That which isn't worth needing



Friday, 31 July 2015

*Pretend* 07/31/2015

Temporary insanity pleaded
As you lie kneeding
Illusions of granduer
Of the utmost and lowest

Its happened many times before
This fucking hostage situation
This drainage of your being
Because of total focus on another

What do you do when your whole life
Feels orchestrated from the get
Like the paths you walk and decisions you make
Decided upon. Traps set. Some mathamatic kismet

Fucking shit
Sitting here after so much
My fucking struggle with everything
Plain as day its got me shook up

The givings up
The gotta gets
The need to this
The have to that

Fuck you
And everything

The overdraft credit cards
The gas tanks constant thirst
Bills and ultimatums

Urges urged upon
The dirt we tread forgotten
For the minutes of pop songs
Scratched on ears

I've been here before
Just yesterday we played this
Hiding and seeking meaning

I'll do this again
With the wind as my foe
And the sun as my friend

Peeking blinds
Bleeding inside
The only difference I'm sober this time

By mountains surmounted

Darkened by the hopelessness surrounding
The eye smiles I've passed on countlessly
Infected by your sadness

Felled by your sickness of fear
In the coward populace
Of the mainstreams

Prying eyes

Sunday, 26 July 2015

*My Curse* 07/26/2015

Free to believe
That you and me
Can see
The edge of eternity

Free enough to live pantless
In a shack
Between two rivers
Underneath the trees

You should of seen my face
That day a year ago
When my parole officer uttered
One more year parole

One more working
More exemplary conduct
Or else
Was almost felled

True. True heartfelt

Been treed by this system so long
Grown tail
Learned the fine art of slow motion
Hanging silently

I did it
You dirty motherfuckers
I beat you
For the sake of them too
Had nothing to do with me or you

The times you told them never
The moments you snickered at their genius
For your momentary boredom relief

Saying never enough to clever
Creates symptoms of forever
Animosity aimed

And animosity aimed at the unclever
Fells trees on your boredom
Drowns you in your two rivers

The same landscape i retreat to in victory
Will be your apology
Unaccepted yet taken

So hang silently reversed
Oppressor scum
Your worst is yet to come

Sunday, 28 June 2015

*Hurry Up* 06/28/2015


Like the steel of the shank
Rammed into your chest
And all you can think
Heart ceasing

Is the rain that created the rust
In my belly

So very...



Like the only way of pyramids
Of revolutions
In segments and steps
Generations of deaths
Heads we've kissed
We tread upwards onto

Pretty kisses turned broken teeth
Its this fear of being afraid
This " Time Peace "
Seeking okayness in its ticking
At all costs

Knowing your worst enemy is your friend
And being real hurts but only shortly

Tick tick

Fakeness fatal in finality
In length
So, my friend...

Pretty pretty please...


The machines slowly clear the trees
Cedar forest i grew up in
Robin and blue jay chasing

Alcohol slowly stripping the humanity
From the livers of the bloodsharing
Deaths sought and wished for
By all parties involved

So i uninvolve

I'm alone
But there's she
You've heard of it right? Move on...

Seeking things
Sharing of things coinciding

Its all it was
When gains are obtained
Seekings change
Creating obstacles serving purposes...

Blah blah blah

We begin basing thirty year knowledges
Directed towards two day
Month Olds
When we've taken this long to unlearn
What we was taught
We reteach?


Its not today or tomorrow or yesterday
Its all days guiding this day

Its the reasons gave for a fist
Verses the real reason of knuckles
Compared to what witnesses see
Divided by twenty years afterward

And the sun glinting off the scar tissue
Into the eyes
Causing a slight hitch in the breath
A memory
A determination. Quickening

Of Black Boots scaling a White House