Monday, 28 September 2015

* Marble Countertops * 09/28/2015
Two years two months two weeks two days
To teach me to think totally opposite
This body and mind in decay isnt the same
The whole pathway i walked in vainly insane
Went from waiting on a parole board
To waiting for social security
The most avid exerciser
To just catching my breath walking
The defeat in me isnt Name-Brand
Its the generic Age-Old inability
To coexist around others
To love without smothering
Just that after witnessing all the deaths
And wondering if they worked up until the moment
Does anyone ever get a month to reflect before going
Does the Rat-Race become your life
And if you stopped working
Would you stop living
Youve seen me and what ive completed
As a person dealt a shitty hand
So why do you mourn my Step-Back
My momentary hands on knee reflection
Havent I earned it
When others would sit passed out from psychotropics at night
While everyones passed out drunk in the darkness
My mind sits pondering meanings and connections
And its always amazing to see the peoples reflections
Reflecting themselves upon the judgements
Instead of looking inside at why they judge
Building the things others started instead
Of planning and creating yourself
Focusing on the focus placed upon
Instead of sharpening your own focus
Sharing 'In-Common-Nothings' instead
Of creating 'Somethings-Alone' to share
You can become caught up in the roads
Forgetting each paths meaning is destinations
Would never throw away this pristine consciousness
Built inside Supermax buildings hallogened
Over beer, drugs, thinking Herd-Intilect
When one learns thats the whole point of this
To just exist painless
Too many caught up with kids
And the total focus and raising of this
To be just the most facetous mother
Of the most flaky, purposeless kids
That hang themselves
From your Empty-Room-Minds given them
Question Mark Gallows
Your Cross-Border like the Rabbit Hole
You escape periodically bourgeoisily switching
Personas and clothes to Infatuate
Enemyize your friends soley for the push
To your next tragedy left
She's worse than him but you would never guess
Because she hides behind productivity like her breath
Same sized livers, hearts and gross amount of tears
Just that one gives a shit about society
And the likes and comments
Of cardboard cutout calcified peers
Companied each morning smelling of soaps
Six a.m. sharp with teeth gleaming
In order to enhance the $35 millions
Driving home on an empty tank of gas
Sore muscles can't even afford the bananas
Fucked her pussy so long cant pretend
Both rolling eyes when the pants come off
Like oh fuck not this again
Fuckin tire blows, out window half your paycheck goes
Have to buy my water from the city
Suck the dick of the power company
Just for lighting
Meaning lost in all of this
Infighting of the incrowds
Status and marble countertops
Holding more notice than the chiseled dates
Of the dead that did without
All you do all day
Like any of you have meaning
Or any of this roboticism
Can unmagnetize your bloods direction
Of six feet in the grave

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

*Umbilical Gun* 09/22/2015

The pinnacle of delusion
Looking down
Had it with it because for a while
Had it all
From nothing to something
To nothing
To thinking about jumping

Bouncing back and forth between emotion
Wishing for the body slam
Dirted disappeared hurting
Listen to the townfolk thinktank
About his problem
Soon favor extended in solving

You should never peel back calous
And then run
You should never whiten teeth
With lemon
Outlive teeth over brushed
Or dedicate yourself to a perfect woman
Cause she'll consume you
Let go of heartbeat with lost lust

Letting go of a chemical high
The love of a woman
A species I'd not seen ten years
Was all mine for eight months
Same age yet ten younger
Because mentally caged as a boy
But her blasé blasts my soul like shotgun
Leaves me a bloody mess
Spongeing myself with my carelessness

Each sopping up and dirt slapped nerve ending
I give up every second
Each and every minute a casket
Hours like cremation
Days like the roots into brain
Lying dust under her tree of everything

I watered her with my soul unknowingly
One should hold back a piece
Just in case lying empty outstretched
Hands beseeching from casket easy chair

When you just become the old oil painting
Hanging from the wall in faded rose
And passing processions silently tick by
Wondering how he did it so long
Alone entombed only to give up consumed
By the most beautiful thing

Bore by a vagina and broken by one
Suckled the teats of life
And breastfed from my grinning reaper
As the little laugh she left me with resounds
In my thin skull like my first cry

The blood drips smack earth
Desperate eyes looking up at doctors finger noose
My nervous system one last time reaching for her
With my last breath wishing
Heart attack upon her breast

Or the doctor would of just dropped me
Before i felt the coldness
And loved her eyes so much

Monday, 21 September 2015

*Little Death* 09/21/2015

A sigh
After so much
Relearning to just sit
To unhurt
And feel the coolness of icewater
Lick my guts

Learning to live in the stillness
Without needing or conversation
Without wondering
What she's thinking
And why
If this is loving
Why is it so full of hurting

It isn't worth it anymore
To play along
To exert effort upon effort
Upon something so distant
Towards somebody that keeps moving
Dodging my heart like the enemies
Loveplated bullets

See how far and how much
How many times the downs
Can turn into ups
And the chest pains
And liver pains
Will let me up

Gutted out my penis
By her sugar scented breath
The constant nightlong cuddles
Attempted unto limb atrophy
The fake smile held upon face
Sending forth condolences
Upon condolences
Until empty
Silent breathing

The hurt
That's supposed to help
And prevent future hurt
Just a pause button for more hurt
Forgot the lesson of pain
In the game of love
Insane buried in mud
Prayin for rain

Sit muddled unmuddling
Okaying the not OK
Just focus on falling and waking
In a centered state
And look forward to a little something
During the day
Even if its just the ice water
Even if its the thought
The truth

That she's just way better off
And my ending is just her start
A beginning my ending
Like it always was
Like I'm used to
Sang he who's been the boogeyman
He who knows the strengths
The benefits and lessons
In all ego deaths
In each broken heart

Sunday, 13 September 2015

*Sandman's Song* 12/02/2012
Wanting eternal winter
Seeking another ice age
Single white male seeking speedy execution
Death wish, damn this life. Arrghhh
Exhausted sea sick sitting solitary
Sartre's nausea sprinkled with
Marxist materialism, Staind lyrics
Sung beside Soul Asylums
" so long ago i don't remember when"
" because inside you're ugly- step"
"You're ugly like me- to the ledge"
Seeing modern conformity as below me
Been there. Done that. Don't want it
Feeling better than everyone
Haughtiness hurts me worse than insanity
KNOW I've done this all on purpose, this
Place, this pain manufactured myself
Isn't anything i wish for or miss
To do or not to do--- the question
Out of sight out of mind equals oppression
Unless minds are sour from parasitic
Consumerism. Thirty Decembers I've studied
Pain, Rage, Love, relationships, happiness
Hurt realest emotion I've experienced
Crack fiend speed walking Las Vegas
Streets. Meth addict missing teeth and heart
Beats. Captive caged inside modern day
Dungeon. Drunk on it, staggering
Drueling deprived so deep
Me and mine. Where last name becomes
Ones crime. Want this? Do you?
This only thing left me, expressing
Diseased western societies downfall
In rhyme. String Theory beside Spiral Nebula
As humanity starves to death
Suicides, cries out for something
Anything. " god give us a reason please"
To be. Nothing. Happy. Nothing. Except
Wanting things. Taking things from
Third World, oppressed, coal colored "things"
My people. My species. My holidays
Are days held in infamy, are
Nights those i loved chose sleeping
Eternally instead of continuing faking
Happy feelings in front of fascist T.V.s
Saddest part is wanting t.v., me, even
Though knowing the adverts and propaganda
Showing. Painful piece understanding
Pornography, Playboy and womens oppression
But still seeking, peeking clandestinely
Wanting it, needing it, knowing its
Wrong. Its all wrong. Oppressive this
Emotion. All ive left, this love called
Oppression. Called sickness. Give me pistol
Bridge, train, suicide by cop. Violent
Violence silence sick materialist happiness
*Sahara* 12/08/2012
Caffine twitches during psychotropic sniffles
Intermittent comradeships between paranoid enemities
Witness one soul in us all screaming ABSURDITY
Given short end of stick since birth but still swimming
Making it in humorous interactions and trifles
We are just boys being caged by boys
Males punishing males for what males do
Dear cruel world ten years of my existance
I spent huddled around flexi-pens fighting this
I'm spent now, huddled in on myself seeking comfort
Seeking something other than this
Forgive me my stubborness, craziness and weakness
I miss things. I want things. I need things
Its taken me ten years to understand this
This mind. This body. This pain is
Pristine, poetic, put it on each second
Like a feather headdress, broken sunglasses
Came, saw, conquered, was conquered, left still looking
Did what was made to do, what had to do
Do you out there do what you do for others or you
Does doing things depend on who
What's left to be said, speaking of what's left
Empty inside, barren surroundings, fearing
Skin sand dune, bone basin, greasy leftover residue
Of blood left seeping into unforgiving cement
Nothing left but these eyes staring childish
This grin accepting what's next
*Hold Me* 10/15/2012
Sixteen soldiers can reannimate an idol
Revolutionary violence and study go hand in hand
More you are willing to die for revolution
More you will deepen knowledge seeking solution
Take torture remake it strengthen off it
Make death poetic end agitational statement
Let young know can kill flesh that's all
Live on in essays, hearts, minds poetically immortal
Bodily hungers surpassed by those for the people
Switching objectives scientifically as needed
Sniffing air ascertaining fear to target into
Lowered shoulders heightens heart rate like pow wow drum
Shrouded facial pain beneath sweat slicked skin
Veins in forearms like mighty root digging in
Body, mind willing as heart begins skipping beat
Everythings your last, better make finale' sweet
Internal laughter as suited swine tighten torture
Hurt me motherfuckers, that's right hurt me more
Return in kind in future all you can create
Build in this body and mind more reason to hate
Love for women diseased patriarchy thus far prevents
Causes this masculine skin objective to invent
Grey matter in back and brain tuned into species
Able to hold future in nerve cell prior to creating
Underneath these stars prison hallogens prevent seeing
Beside this mountain razor wire prevents touching
Progression knows these phenomenon are within reach
Must build and break superstructure slowly for offspring
Become beacon broadcasting intermittent energy
Huddle into this rock naked Morse Code like being
Fits and starts with fingers on insanities pulse
Control Unit Solitary I.M.U. creates and destroys me
Like suicide bomber blowing building then disappearing
Live like its my last breath modern day revolutionary
Live like revolutionary woman sleeps soundly beside me
Future exists already in the blood of our youth
Beware poisons young comrade as they enhance what you can't do
Learned one thing, isolation increases equal to ones progression
More one stands alone more you only count on you
Now bury these bones beside the rest and keep on
Masculine pain reearthed into feminine embrace
*Revolutionary* 09/28/2012
I eat when I'm hungry
I sleep when I'm tired
I do what i must do to survive
I train my body on a schedule
Wash myself only when dirty
My life is geared on slowly die
I sweep the floor daily
Cleanliness becomes best friend
Wrists chapped from rinsing underwater
I agitate like its my last essay
Chew bologni like its T-bone steak
Fresh black top laid outside plexi-glass
My red carpet for upcoming release
Air vents unplugged every centimeter
Cement shines like glistening emerald
Goatee and mustache twisted perfectly
Ponytail ponied beneath bleached bandana
Ingrown toenail removed with staple
Paranoia and pain eased by sweat
My mail feels sealed by monarchs
Opening each letter revealing seven secrets
Licking shut letters like building pyramid
Scribbling zip codes like death row pardons
Cucumber soap dances with ink fragrance
Scientific wind chime causes voices to sing
Mountain out window a clenched fist
Cold chills on skin standing ovation
Perfectly placed necessities spell combinations
Only hung peach blossom goddesses unlock
Voice box underground with months of disuse
Forebrain sizzling synapses to wrists
Pointer middle finger and thumb revolution
Scribbling game plans geographically induced
Pass out periodically easing tension in back
Body will tell you when its tired
Masculine skin requires imaginative attention
Cinder block shades sparkle in sun reflection
Lenin's tomb photo remembers ones past
Oxford dictionary thumbed well like hammer
Curl water-weighted mattress like swinging sickle
Sweat dripped cement smelling of earth
Stainless steel glistening with bleach
Live like everything holding me pushes me
Like the long march and Maos Arabian mounts withers
Trample these pigs smiling beside me