Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dear Comrades (One Love)

Cats and dogs raining down my window
Dust bunnies roaming around my floor
Learned worms crawling around my stomach
Telling me I was taught to want more
These measly maggots at war with science
And what´s before us as real and true
I pump my blood until the skin stretches
Sweat drips onto the concrete like Chinese tea
Searching each repetition the puddle´s reflection
for truth.
The same as I do each U.S.W. study lesson
For a MC´s guidance into deeper realms
Blood starts to puddle and pool with my sweat
I question from where but continue to pace
Letting the itch of it linger on my face
Three cold meals and denials at mail call
Four cold walls and a solitary cot
One man alone with only one thought
Your punk denials will breed lawsuits
And my stomach turns cold to hot
We, Comrades, are part of something larger
More human than “Jesus” dying on a cross
Steering the people through minefields of hate
Aware it´s a privilege we even ate
A species on the sad cusp of extinction
One Vanguard, one chance, one reason
As planet Earth spins out the seasons
Survival of the fittest as Amerikkka weakens
Our species.

One Love Comrades