Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Alone Strong

I sit doing ten years for a gram of dope
Witnessing Johannes Mehserle get probation for murder.
I sit watching men starve to death
Witnessing guards who can´t even alight a flight of stairs,
Because they´re too fucking fat.
I sit in a country that told me to stay in school
And educate yourself.
In a cell where they won´t give me a book.
I was told in my youth to just say no
To drugs.
And now that I refuse their psychotropics,
They refuse me parole.
They told me to Love Thy Neighbor,
Like you Love Yourself.
And now I watch my countrymen shoot Mexicans,
Swimming the border.
I sit in the Land of the Free,
Rattling my chains
I see the hypocrisy and the bitter twisted lies
Do you?
I sit alone
7.4 million strong
Knowing nothing more than to carry on
Nothing more than my country´s wrong
Knowing nothing – nothing´s at all wrong
To you