Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lumpen (Pigs and pills)

I want to say a few things about our ´class´ at this time in Amerikkka so those unfamiliar with us can be better prepared to struggle with us.

99% of us in those Koncentration Kamps, at least from what I´ve seen personally, are so mind-fucked and jaded as to think we deserve being caged and abused. Most of us have basically already given up and expect nothing less of the society and family that raised us. This type of “head-trip” is intensified by the psychiatric medications pushed on us as a sort of “you-need-this-and we´ll- give –it –to you” – bullshit guise, when it´s widely known in medical, “correction” and society circles that Seroquel, Effexor just cause diabetes; Celexa, Wellbutrin, Paxil, etc. just cause impotence among other problems.

So you have men and women (though I´ve not seen a women´s camp, I´ll wager it´s alike), believing they are rejects and deserve prison. Add to that pent up sexual frustrations, because of the medications you depend upon, and look forward to like a monkey sniffing ass, and hoard or sell to catch the only half “human-type-emotional” buzz you’ll ever experience, causes you to be unable to be sexual in any way. Totally uncool if your whole hood or set or gang supports “manly-men” and schwarzeneggerizm.

But then you overcompensate. You are weakened by the Antitriptaline / Elavel because the poison numbs your stomach and body. So you can’t work out even or exercise. But you can’t also stop now as you rely on the shit to sleep. You rely on The Very Thing that’s killing you to get you through. It becomes: either hang yourself or keep taking the pills to the neck.

So you have these two demons.
You have these pills that have to be replaced by something, anything, if and when you parole. And the system makes it a whole hell of a lot easier to get heroin or crystal meth than Serequel on the streets. Coincidence? Fuck no! The pigs know what the medication does to you and what it turns you into and eventually “ass-tight-as-a-drum” “heart-beating-wickedly-in-your-numb-constipated-chest” makes you do. These substances are the Lumpen’s big-bourgeoise enemy. When they put you in the “mental illness” zone you are basically fucked. You’ll basically, 9 times out of 10, kill yourself or shoot up the mall or university dormhouse.

And can you blame those motherfuckers who explode?

Ever since the age of Neanderthals we humans let our bodies tell us what’s what. But just recently we’ve been pumping our youth full of chemicals to “one-up-we-know-better-than-evolution”-correct their false criminal behaviors.

And that brings us to the second demon. We think we are “evil” criminals. We’ve been taught it. Treated like it. Said mercy to it. And that includes the places they place us in. We are institutionalized. We feel out of place in society (and Amerikkkan society, these days maybe we Lumpen are the more progressive). So if our “replacing-of-the-pills”-behavior doesn’t get us thrown back in the kennel then our “apeing-to-the-mindwashed-citizenry” will.

We must play the part. We lack strength, knowledge, even natural sexual urges, to guide us. So we look to the movies. We look to our “homies” or CD players to show us. But they’re in the same “hurt-beyond-words-so-we-act-hard-to-compensate”-soiled shoes. We look but we don’t find. We are a new breed. We are brain-dead but a force. If we become activated progressively we will become a bulldozer to this system of injustice.  

But the state of mental anguish we are chemically depped in prevents much sight beyond the day to day.

To break into the Lumpen mindset is going tot take a new breed of progressive. Because we are a new breed of man. We are the Zombies; the Mike Myers  and Jason Vorhees  on the revolutionary screen stutter-stepping to the screams of the Bourgeoisie. We trail strips of chemical wrapped cotton. We wear masks of institutionalization. We moan the sounds of pent up Humanity.

We are not peasants or mill workers.
We do not care about wages.
We look for, we seek, basically, the next crime. The next drive by. The next stabbing. Not because we need the money (we eat free in our cells) but because that is the only way we can barely feel anything close to humanity. We want to be normal again. But each day we worsen and harden and rot. We have trackmarks and stabwounds. Our brains and livers are hollow and swollen. We are used to taking and breaking.

But we cry at night because it’s all an act. We try and exercise, but can’t. We try and learn, but can’t. We attempt to fuck each other but can’t. The pills won’t allow us.

So we get mad. We turn on each other. We don’t turn on the “master” because he’s too strong. The motherfucker’s invincible. Just look at him. Plus he’s our “friend.” He feeds us and gives us candy pills. Let´s drag each other down. Let´s start from the bottom and climb to the top until there´s nothing left of us. Then we won´t be seen as low or lame or weak. At least not by one of “ us.”

The pigs already see us as lames. So does society. And that´s because we are. We´ve allowed them to make us weak. We begged for it. We faked suicide attempts and hearing voices. We´ve server mental health a bucket of bullshit so they´ll give us a “head-change.”

So now what are we to do, Lumpen? Comrades?

We can stop. We can look up at the men holding the batons. We can sniff the air and smell their fear and see their sweat drip off their brows.

They fear us.
That´s why they mind-wash and institutionalize us. They fear us because they know they are wrong. They start out like the rest of society believing “criminals” are “evil.” But once they live around us in our units, they see we aren´t bad people. They compare themselves to us and come up lacking defense. Because they´ve done worse. They do worse. And then the realization hits them that something´s wrong with the system. They see it first-hand in our faces. In their own guilty faces each morning.

Then the pig questions: why?
Why me? And why them?
It could have been me!

The system´s a bunch of shit and I´m just a pawn in that system. That makes me worse than being just a victim. Because I comply. Each day I do what I´m told, even though I know what I do is incorrect.

Ten years of this.
And twenty.

The pig´s a shell now. He´s been eaten inside and out by his country´s corrupt “corrections.” But he´ll die before he´ll admit it. Can you imagine if the world knew! If everyone saw the reality I´d be considered no better than a slave owner or a nazi in charge of Auschwitz. We can´t have that. And in order to keep that from happening he starts in on them. The offensive begins. Instead of being an observer he dips his limp wick in the mix of “criminals.” He incites. He belittles and tortures. He sleep-deprives and mind-fucks. Until he begins to feel powerful. He carries it home to his wife and kids. He treats other kids the way he treated the “criminals.”
He must create more.
He chooses who.
He becomes many. He becomes the society that picks several out of each class to cage. From day one, like sharks surrounded by chum, they sniff out the headstrong. The “colored” or unclean. These are set aside for the men who wear the badge. They must perpetuate it. They must or they´d have to admit 2.4 million human beings rot in cages just because of their fear.

Just because of what my father was taught by his father. And we can´t have that. Because that would mean we were sick. And it´s them who are sick. Those. Not me. Not us. I do not carpool and deep cleanse because I´m sick. I do not take Valium and Viagra because I´m sick. I do not attend church then hurry home to catch the Simpsons; I do not watch a war on television I don´t know the reason for or even understand the geography of; I do not drink wine to sleep and sip coffee to function; I do not take Tylenol and Gobble Tums… because I´m sick.

It´s them.
These “coloreds.” Those poor folk who don´t attend church services because they work. Heathens! Sinners! Damn you to the depths of hell! Or solitary.
That´ll teach you to be different. To voice dissent or question our war over in Afghanistan. Where´s Afghanistan? Why are we at war? Shucks uhhhh…  was it because of Mr Burns?! And that power plant thingy?

You. Amerikkkan. I let you take me into the depths of your hell. I took your pills once upon a time and it took me a stroke and two years to crawl out of that pit. I have track marks and hepatitis that betray the shame I used to feel because your society considered me a “bad seed.”

But now I see the whole sad situation and I´m sickened beyond words. You attempted to destroy me. You are attempting to destroy my family because you need to fill the status quo of “criminals.” My comrades sit being brain-washed (and starved to death), and they are so far gone nothing I do raises even subtle awareness.

The tables will be turned if not in my lifetime than the next, because such blatant disregard for life and humanity as this imperialistic, militaristic system shows is bound to fall hard!

The sad part is you don´t see that the very people you think are beneath you will be the very same who rise the fuck up and take it from you.

So here´s to Mr Burns everyone.
And that war in …AAA… Russia?

In strength (Keep ´em distracted Homer) and struggle