Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Firing Squad

    I've seen them walk in with the bleach
    Goose stepping out with the rifles
    Bloody fragments and bone in blonde hair
    Brand new Casio watch, new shoes, clean underwear
    The traces of the dead man's Prozac
    Ulcer medications and ibuprophins
    Mingle loosely with the trigger mens viagra
    with their cocaine and caffeine grins
    Where you off to now Mr. Executioners?
    After you've lynched in the most disgusting way
    you are off to your grandchild's christening
    to her prom night or school play
    my sweat drips on to the cold concrete and I chant, i say, "you can't stop us,
    it's inevitable. Soon all you know will fall."
    Tattered socks scrape and squeak as I motion
    I raise my arms and tap my chest, "ten"
    counting out the sets and counting down the days
    here's a promise that I believe the people support
    we won't blindfold you, we'll allow you to watch
    you'll need to see the ones now holding the rifles
    are the very same you've oppressed, starved and stifled
    and we will pull the trigger out of social conscience
    not out of your racism, greed or chauvinistic pride
    and it will not be a secret, the world can watch
    nothing will need to be hidden or secret
    because we'll explain why, to our children we'll teach it
    that the reason we kill you pig isn't out of hate
    it's that food you stockpiled that the starving masses never ate

July 2010