Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Strategic confidence

Forty years ago today Attica rose up
Since then 600 million children starved to death
Pelican Bay Comrades we’ve had enough
A Revolution sparked by refusing pig lunch
Cover this one up, oppressor
We’ve had enough.

Supermax solitary chokeholding Attica’s sons
Gray-faced and pale captives dying alone
Bricks and steel sucking the life out of everyone
Clench-fisted against imperialism we die as one.
Bring in your army and mow us down
Manufacture a cover-up you plutocrat clowns
Each one of our body bags more heavy
And sacred
Than a billion of your fascist small towns
Red flags draped over true soldiers’ coffins
Reminiscent of those buried beneath Kremlin Gates
Red dawns rising like earth under stampeding buffalo
Another empire crushed poetically-
Like the Greek Goddess of fates.

Forty years today Attica rose up
And for the first time ever  today
One captive voice echoed the world over
As one
One Lung
We’ve had enough

9/26/2011: PBSP hunger strike commences