Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Keep spinnin’

They break the law to punish law breakers.
Unconstitutional conditions and censorship policy.
They give us four envelopes a month.
Expecting our return to society be successful with no one.
They create these dungeons punishing anti-social behavior.
Been alone so long with no telephone, mind and family gone.

They wrestle out of our hands razors, stealing our nooses,
Yet selling us medications causing stroke, dementia, delusions.
They look into my face and consider me crazy ‘cause I smile,
Wondering why I act childish, live naked and… smile.
They believe they are God’s chosen and we are Satan’s spawn,
Going home to beat wives, child pornography and manicured lawns.
They mourn nine eleven like we didn’t deserve it.
Sending sons and daughters off terrorists hunting patriots.
They hate prisoners, Blacks, Latinos and First Nations.
White “Dark-Night-‘killer’” deserving of understanding and forgiveness.

They wonder why the world hates them beyond words.
Military bases spread like cancer the earth over.
They seem so pretty, smart, happy and photogenic,
Just the rich man’s puppets on Broadway, Hollywood, Pennsylvania Avenue.
They frown on dirty language, negative thinking, and atheists,
Dropping bombs on Nagasaki, Hiroshima, unmanned drone celebrations.
They have native sons slowly spinning their destruction.
It’s gonna come from inside, motherfuckers, have patience,
They are depressed, suicidal, owning it all and more.
Better bloody your threshold beast, prostrate yourselves on carpeted floors.
They could come in the morning and shoot me like a dog.
But it’s not going to save them, we will never stop.

They just shone their flashlight and it’s twelve o’clock.
My thirteenth Revolution ‘round Sun anniversary as pig keys walk.
They can convince you to play their lame mind games beside them.
Try and turn me snitch by compliance, you know who you are.
They’ve got you simpering, curtsying, you’re not even tortured.

Rock Solid Revolutionary expecting world to turn on me.