Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Who’s who

Does Al-Quaeda have military bases
In Salt Lake?
But we do over there.
Who’s terrorist
If I stole your mail out of your mailbox?
That’s a federal offense.
My mail’s stolen and tampered with daily.
Who’s the criminal?

The Department of Corrections institutionalized
My brother, my father and myself.
My nephews now are being inculcated outlaws.
Who pushes propaganda?

Ten years ago I was arrested with dope.
So skinny I slipped my handcuffs.
Ten more years to go for a bag of dope.
Liberty and Justice for whom?

Slowly my liver shuts down.
I’m dying from a curable disease
Because the prison wants to save money.
Profit over people - who’s diseased?

My hair drags on the floor when I sweep it.
My beard enters mouth with bologni and I chew it.
Five years since I’ve visited or telephoned.
Who’s in debt to society?

I’m supposed to be weak and crazy.
Yet I have stretch marks on muscle.
Two lawsuits on unconstitutional conditions and policy.
Who’s anti-social?

I hear voices gibbering on medications,
See body bags and stretchers coming and leaving.
Prison says ignore stretchers and take medications.
Ad you can go home - who’s crazy?

All this is comedy of the darkest stripe.
All one must do is see through the insanity.
All I ask is you listen carefully - don’t trust me
All alone who’s who is good guy camouflaged enemy?

The worst part in all this is I lack a harbor.
My sails snap and moan pulling on this anchor.
The worst thing is knowing you know and do nothing.
Knowing by me letting you know all this.
I should feel sorry.