Monday, 12 December 2016

Court Holding (Necropolis)

* Court Holding * (Necropolis) 12•10•2016

In this moment I knew it
Precipice bound but don't misconstrue it
Insane laughter of the neck knot tied
Would you take away this last victory

Beseech me of you your crying eyes
Tell-tale that you knew me closely
Shared with me moments escaping the moment
Isn't that it?

In eyes thine see-eth other than eyes
Isn't that what creates spectacularity?
The promise of what's never worded
The gain of that that's never worked for

Kismet of chance unto the lucky unfortunate
The poor kissed with the stink of riches
The ugly boy with beautiful girl arrested
Unto the paltry shoulder, plump benevolent breasts

You see in the summer the thought of snow
Feel in my passing a start of life
Stirring in my decaying intestines
Growing forth from these ancient pines
Smelling of vulture droppings and fermaldahyde

But haven't we been blind all along
Our lips sewn shut with just echoes of speech
It's my healing embers that will be my defeat
And the sounds of the younger tap tapping

Nails in my coffin with each new pitter patter
Sealed shut with each new ink stained baby feet

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Subdued dungeon

* subdued dungeon *   10/15/2016

Torpitude of the axed approaching chopping block
Lassitude of he that's ahead when his whole life he's finished last
Portrayed as a picture painted entirely of dirty shards of broken glass
Can't die. The world won't let me leave until I'm sleeved in more chaos
Like a bird afraid of trees. Caterpillars afraid of leaves
Spent his whole life picking what he's allergic to. Afraid to sneeze
Our lives on our knees wanting to fly

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Evolved Encampments

*Evolved Encampments* 03/13/2016

Pulled an eye muscle watching the world decay
Constantly wondering why people even try
Fools pressing forward with fruitless missions
Its like everyones manipulated against their will.

If studied enough history predicts the future
Seeing it all so soon leaves me unbelieving
The wisdoms sheening the essence of events
focus of the cameras zooming the pointless.

Perpetuating the lives of the old parasitically
Allowing religious thought into knowledge
Wisdom wasted, grey faced inadequacies
Like fucking a decade after puberty.

Wonder why you cough when you smoke
Walking weakly on lard legs of atrophy
Do you shun violence because you believe its wrong
Anger saved for truth memes and unpopular songs.

Remorsed into an amerikkan soldier inadequate
Presidentially pansied into currencies punk
Dressed like the rest in bejewelled denim
typing googily mash-faced against screens.

The slight rush of prescription make-believe
Quickens heartrates in first world apartments
Rent slaves sipping boxed wines between cigarrete butts
Bottle-fed false events on the teats of the elite.

The coughing, smeared faces in camps of refuge
Burying bodies matter of fact thirdworldly
Trails of dirt piles replace repressed tears
Border rushing, breadcrumb chewing peoples surround.

Homo sapien advancement like the sun
Rising on the pale backs of pigness
Pinkness to darkness to sediment to bud
Worthless creatures only useful as blood enriched mud.

The Final Forgiveness.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pig Sponge

*Pig Sponge* 02/17/2015

Did you spend money today
have you eaten the plastic packaging
on timeclocks and twinkies
orgasms and futures
molded from primetime
billionaires donations of bank interests
the systems penis on your tonsils
come again.
Did you find the one who makes you laugh
whom can delusion similar futures
and forgive your pasts
do your asses enjoy the same couch fabrics
dinner table drivel conversations
and offspring pierced and dyed
for the military or police force
blame the pain on terrorism
chemical imbalance or the healthy
unhealthy urges of dear old dad.
Have you sat long enough in front of T.V.s
soaped yourself enough with lotions
that you can believe your existance has purpose
that the phone in your face isnt harmless
your bra not just a harness
sins forgiven because you repress them
if they could only read your dreams
haltered in religious make believe.
Have you had your nicotine
and your children their autism shots
do you still celebrate a turkey
and sit in judgement of ejaculations
wrongly pointed like the guns
of amerikkan soldiers pointed
anywhere but their coward faces.
Do you have high hopes of a future
where nothing changes except more wealth
but more sun shortens the night
and the darkness is needed or else
like a san bernardino partnership
more heart than a whole U.S. platoon.
Overshadowing pig light with much needed darkness
death to your religious nationalistic sun
bask in the light of the dialectical materialist moon.
Like houdini ive shucked your chains
snipped your debt labor strings
sit snickering at each new tragedy
that befalls the spreaders of the tragic.
Almost lost myself in a relationship
with one who pretends worse than my relations.
So bald face that i didnt even see it
until they closed ranks with the serious
almost cutting off my revolutionary comedic.
Proved i could do it
daily prove we will defeat it
by the simple fact we laugh at it
as you approach the inevitable with full seriousness.
We piss on your flagged graves with clean piss
as the stench of your alcoholic rottingness wafts up
through your uniforms sweated through with anti depressants
dirt that couldnt care less republican or democrat
the earth reaching upward thirstily consuming first world flesh
enjoying the carnival comedic in your packed funeral processions.
come again
and again
and again
and again...

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


*Dislike* 02/02/2016

stock markets crashing raise my spirits
the pig funerals ripping forth cheers
how is it that downfalls of evilness
cause pain in the creators of it
like, fuck, you motherfuck. you made it now sleep in it
got these last final years yet im tied
to do anything in essence against it
unless i want to spend my last days caged in it
leftist revolutionist sought sex unto defeatedness
spent ten fiending for it
took three to sicken of it
spent, as i said, like the thread
on the backs of the children sipping
mediterranean waters escaping it
drowning in it
like the alcoholics throwing fits without it
and the status seekers seeking it
posting it and updating it
liking it
you see them running hot streets
avoiding even hotter houses in deserts
militaristic mustached malnurished
you see the same thing everyone sees
doesnt that say something?
that maybe its what youre supposed to see
instead of whats there to be seen
you suppose?
possible, i say
that feelings can be manufactured
sights and sounds sold to you
even though your physical and mental dont want it
pukes it
rejects it with every fiber of your essence
but swallows it because everyones doing it
and to be left out of its worse
than dying because of it
washed up on it
like the beaches of Lesbos
three foot tall corpses
twelve year olds gunned down
in the streets of it
toys clutched
perpetrators forgiven because contrasts correct
to the establishment of whiteness
that evilizes blackness
like the watered down substances of poorness
but protects the bullets of blueness
the more pure drugs allowd in deeper pockets
threaded-much waddling backfatness
pushing buttons and steering expensiveness
down potholeless lanes air conditioned
in and out same temperatures
stagnant cellulite coolness
chemicals in balance because they created imbalance
mental wellness of those that created its illness
when even the stickers of terrorist
stuck with the sticky hands that embody it
and then you want me to raise a family in it
you want me to laugh beside you in it
to lie to the young about it
because its best
for their happiness
for happiness
its all about the happiness
the constant reaching and typing for emoji moments
of insignificant happiness
momentary fleeting memed happiness
these words dedicated
to the suffering in it
the solitary confinement
the bloody ghetto cement
and sugar lined lips lying limp on beaches
strengthen off the reality of it
evolve from it
as the majority pig class regresses and atrophies in it

an illegal truth

Thursday, 29 October 2015

*Lead Tall*

*Lead Tall* 10/29/2015

Subterfugal Emoticons Tattooed Across Make Believe Members
Us sitting like our asscheeks imprints make a difference
Like anything we leave behind that isn't money
Cars, Houses will be grasped and kept by those close

Just forgotten and parceled up
Between feuding factions of degrading relatives
Each generation worse off than the next
More dis ease, dis comfort and dis informed brains

You know when you see it just for a second
A purpose in all this and then its taken
Told like a secret in the eyes of the inanimate
A face post mortem you can't erase the expression

For all that you believe you seem mighty unsure to leave
The things of make believe you thought worth not thinking
For all you that seem mighty
Its just your weakness dancing with others weakness
The not worthy identifying with the not worthy thinking up worth

The outer reflects the inner of the one able to reflect
The inner just covered with the outer mess of the reflect less
The building of the one day to do lists
Completion of this list the accomplishment of greatness
And the non doing pessimist in the stranglehold of longer lists

The allusiveness of the accomplishmentless is evolutionlessness
Those that complete to complete the next task
The reason some fall back

And like a Mighty Stag in a bitter October wind
The Alpha stand and prance strong
On the bones of the Beta herd instinctual
The weak Doe Eyed who follow

Dying choked on their worthlessness
Strangled in imagined innocence
Feigned purpose and mile long To Do lists

Saturday, 17 October 2015


*When* 10/17/2015

When the power goes out
And everyone's left looking
I will already have seen and left

When your everything's gone in a blink
Mines just beginning
Eyes opening while yours are closing
Life fertilized on your losing

Get up because you're laying down
Arranging necessities not for forever
But for soon
You can't continue in this vein eternally
Dalliance with the inevitable
Cringe or applaud upcoming boom

Simplified beyond the just simple
So centered lightning flash doesn't surprise me
Tragedy just the next step along your way

Down with all the failed evolutions
Treading lightly over your misconstrued conclusions

Invalid misconceptions
You're winning while I'm losing
At least it seems so
In your eyes

The eyes of surprise
Deer in the headlights of the last light
Your dying light
Warming the hands of those left

Your replacements
Wearing your leavings like stains of grass
Building the future because your past is past