Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Alone Strong

I sit doing ten years for a gram of dope
Witnessing Johannes Mehserle get probation for murder.
I sit watching men starve to death
Witnessing guards who can´t even alight a flight of stairs,
Because they´re too fucking fat.
I sit in a country that told me to stay in school
And educate yourself.
In a cell where they won´t give me a book.
I was told in my youth to just say no
To drugs.
And now that I refuse their psychotropics,
They refuse me parole.
They told me to Love Thy Neighbor,
Like you Love Yourself.
And now I watch my countrymen shoot Mexicans,
Swimming the border.
I sit in the Land of the Free,
Rattling my chains
I see the hypocrisy and the bitter twisted lies
Do you?
I sit alone
7.4 million strong
Knowing nothing more than to carry on
Nothing more than my country´s wrong
Knowing nothing – nothing´s at all wrong
To you


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Gone fishing

It´s not me who stinks – it´s this place.
Not me who´s crying – it´s my face.
I sleep here but I don´t live here
Even though I don´t ever leave – I don´t stay here.

I watched one of my friends be buried February second
My Mama´s cousin died – and I delivered her a Valentine´s present
I held the hand of my Baby nephew Gage
As we caught fish in the North Creek river
By hand.
We picked “picture rocks” out of the gritty fish smelling sand.

My father paroles any time soon.
Our tent and fishing poles are just waiting
You wanna come – there´s room

I visited my brother Jesse in the Beaver County Jail
Him and I still can´t get along – oh well
But when I left I still miss him
I´ll still hug him the next time I see him.

My baby sister has got two babies
Gavin´s three months and I swear he´s crazy
He spits and kicks and giggles too much
He ruined my work shirt and poked in my lunch.

Everyone thinks of me as gone – not returning.
My captors think I´ve lost it – afraid to serve me
My fellows are mad without their medication
Trying to prove themselves in every situation
Games and fronts and insecure rantings
Solitary supermax – but in reality I´m camping
Firewood, campfire smoke – my family laughing
Woodchucks, pheasants - my family still laughing
(you see?)

(February 2011)