Monday, 14 January 2013

Brandon Green Re-entry Fund

[updated Feb 23rd: Chipin will discontinue its services soon]

Greetings friends, strangers and supporters of Brandon Green!

Since this coming Spring, the possibility is reasonably high that Brandon will be paroled (he writes us that he was taken from the supoermax unit and that he will be placed in different units each 30 days up to his parole): we know it is serious.

Brandon has told us that he will go to the halfway house in Utah upon parole.

He needs some funding to put his life together again: clothes, books, maybe even telephone cards and bus tickets, internet access to find a job, all of these need to be paid for when he emerges.

Here is the link to a Chipin we made for this purpose:

[Note on feb 23rd: Chipin is going to discontinue its services! So we have to take down the Chipin!]

You can of course also send Brandon donations via the way Utah DOC says here:

Now is our chance to show Brandon we want to help him with concrete donations. If you cannot donate monetary funds, keep in mind if you can donate something to him that is useful and that you want to give. (clothes, books, an old phone or laptop, etc). Once we know he is being paroled, we will try and organize an address where you can donate things to for him.

If Brandon will not be paroled this time, we will use any money gathered to help him pay off his Civil Lawsuits and get him some books and funds for his canteen, which he can now have! sent into the prison.


Brandon's friends in the USA and in Europe