Saturday, 9 November 2013

*Discard* 11.09.2013

caffine , sugar and solitude
loose sweats, shaved head, oldies

paying these fines and attending these classes
sleeping sleep slowly, living life finally

the funny thing is these enemies
who are your friend only if

the scary thing is breeding, matrimony
easing the boredom of being

remember the chains scraping on cement
screams of those lost, anti psychotic

you can see me mopping floors at mcdonalds
hear the plastic scraping cement

one day i will just be wind
pushing the sand dunes as i was meant

listen to the stars asking illusion
feeling the madness, dancing friendships
with those still taking serious
animated stardust

old folks homes, solitary cells
plastic mcdonalds tables

billions served similar cartons
used seconds
disposed automatically

chew, flush, swipe card, forget
that when you believe in nothing but quickness
taste and colorfulness

life becomes point a, point b