Tuesday, 5 November 2013

*Fairy Tale* 11.05.13

the day i was released, my mama didnt recognize me
and a comrade offered to take me to dennys 
for breakfast. we ate mcdonalds. both ashamed
corporate salads and quarter pound meat

sitting in my first real seat in seven years
i watched selena gomez. amazed that
such beauty beside such ugly 
pop comedy

keepin up with my lawsuits
sleepin, wakin to leg cramps
clockin into work with a smile
dyin inside wanting to cry

planning for the day the prison needs feeding a constant
how long could a human live on pine nuts, in a tree hut
stomach bleeding to the tune of squirrel chirping
is it safe to caliber imagined shootouts

cant vote. cant possess weapons
cant miss a piss test or its 2023
can you believe surviving solitary confinement
anti imperialist 

employed by a corporation. entranced by patriarchist, degrading
female hip twists

watched needles break skin, breaths emanate alcoholic beverage
seen the fatal societal pariah status lift and lock
barely released meat prized
by the stale, needy no longer around me

but by me the many
body bagged

in front of me those who believed
i make believe