Thursday, 14 November 2013

*Story Truth* 11.14.2013

Once upon a time these simian earthlings evolved from trilobites into amazing creatures that knew rockets, nuclear fission and genomes. But the stupid creatures allowed degenerate rulers to mindwash them and keep them as sheep; to halt evolution of the mind. With things like drugs, religion and fear.
The rulers made relationships so futile and unsatisfying that the sheeple suffered more than any other time of their existence. This pain clouded the vision of the populace and left them seeking Mr right or Ms perfect instead of rising the fuck up for the sake of future generations. If people progress the pigs take them out. Solitary confinement, lethal injection and pariah status. Like working mcdonalds.

The point is to find those who wish to dedicate theirselves to evolution and the human species as a whole. the point is to begin what our children must finish.