Monday, 1 September 2014

Wait and Win

*Wait and Win* 09/01/2014

Anti-Amerikkanism equaling Anti-Terrorism
Ice challenge rich folk or rubble head challenges
Labor aristocrats supporting Anti-Bullying
Ignoring state executions
Feel good pig genociding

Hijack your dog and son
Institutionalizing, euthanizing
Charging lives
New age ransoms

I did it, you murdering copsuckers
Fuckin try to kill me and my comrades
Spencer Hoopers spider crawling like teardrop
Soon teeter-totter tips in our favor

Survived in order to expose your lies
That you correct and protect
Serving dollar signs
Rehabilitating white pocket books
Building red, brown and black brick
Solitary supermax

You'll never know it unless you experience it
And you'll never experience it if you're above it

Sitting in it choking on it
Tasting pepperspray in your tears
Spit in your cheese sandwich
You've eaten repeatedly
Ten years


Man executed made it out
As you sit
Just sit

Twitch twitch

When you kick your door
And hear the echo of your neighbor
Kicking his door
You scream
They scream



We're in it
We're against it

Then you wake up after exhaustion
Expending every ounce of fluid from your body
The key here and only way to catch rest
Unloading sweat, sperm, tears
From spit sandwiches

You kick your door and SCREAM
Grin waiting

As ringed, chubby, white, cologned fingers
Drop your saliva sandwich to cement
As you assume the kneeling
Ankle and finger lock position
Faced away
Teeth gritting

"Your friend killed himself"
Toothy grin behind plexi-glass
"What you gonna do bout it?"



Twitch Twitch