Sunday, 23 November 2014

* Mirror Givers * 11/23/2014

A year and a half free
Full year employed at the busiest truck stop
Enough work experience now for better employment
Sleep at night deeper the more i exhaust
Pain doesn't X-out enjoyment when the latters

Wifts of reality wafting up from mirage footsteps
Feeling like a hamster one-way glassed
Peeping periodically past the people
Feeding looped reels like carrots
To glassy, wall-eyed rabbits who've jus witnessed
Parents death at the teeth of weasels
Pissin yourself as you digest

Every face has that which it can't confront
You're this, you're that but like reflections
Gleaming sideways unseeing we continue
With perfection in eyes bleeding of disease
Breath smelling of substances
Makeupped wanton need to be pretty
We proceed

When the jokes on you long enough
You become able to turn the tables
Audience involved unto silence
Like Kurt Cobain clapping
Sarcastically, sporadic like a shotgun
Into faces
Quieted with derision

The destruction of the comedic
Like fucking a partner so long you hate it
Hang it from a belt
Rape it like Black Amerikka
Hey, Robin and Cosby
Fuckin psuedo-society woe-seekers
Destruction of creativity a la
Finale' empiricity

My delusion I've used it
Hurt none in the process of it
I'll proceed with it as need necessitates
Avoiding unto perfection
Poetic tetris tic tac toe morass
Ones personal

Dizzy like a mouse in a tight wall
Need for the worst stalemated
By some inconceivable net structure
Trap door made of red carpet
Scittering feet across chewed wood
Its only me...