Tuesday, 9 December 2014

* Spit Up * 12/09/2014

Restless riots releasing pent up rage
Pigs policing white supremacist illusions
Corporate killers corrupt beyond belief
Middle class small town, upper class Utah

Your prayers bullshit for your miniscule tragedies
Uppity jacked-up emotions facebooked for likes
Middle finger media sat on like spit up
On sperm covered couches in front of flatscreens

Prison industrial complex embraced or forgotten
Employ your daughter who cages your son
Steady paychecks beside steady delusions
Sign your name on the war on drug game

I can't fuckin breathe or gunned down
Holding BB guns, handcuffed behind backs
Pigs punching a constant in this land of genocide
Blame entirely on the innocent

Like Israel in Palastine or Europeans in Amerikka
Crimes foul like pox blankets
Rockets fired at innocents or troops boots
Dusting religious sentiment with soldiers

Clutching Maxim magazines, pork-lipped
Cowardly pink badged or camouflaged
Street soldiers and sand mercenaries
Death flags stitched on side pockets

Pictures of blonde home honeys waiting
Who hump paroled felons who feel them
For the short seconds before re-setup
A Womans character detecting incorrectness

In occupations consisting of injustice
Released from " corrections " to momentarily
Absorb compassion from the mothers of our species
Only solace for these alpha of the genus

Hands like t-bones after decade clutching
Realities unreality in chains insane
Mind open-season to those hell bent
On proving the basic points of the basically pointless

Labor aristocracy swarming poised over its grave
Unassuming fascists fluorided and bourgeois bleached
Manicured madness moisturized religious
Like lady liberty buttfucked by Jesus