Sunday, 26 July 2015

*My Curse* 07/26/2015

Free to believe
That you and me
Can see
The edge of eternity

Free enough to live pantless
In a shack
Between two rivers
Underneath the trees

You should of seen my face
That day a year ago
When my parole officer uttered
One more year parole

One more working
More exemplary conduct
Or else
Was almost felled

True. True heartfelt

Been treed by this system so long
Grown tail
Learned the fine art of slow motion
Hanging silently

I did it
You dirty motherfuckers
I beat you
For the sake of them too
Had nothing to do with me or you

The times you told them never
The moments you snickered at their genius
For your momentary boredom relief

Saying never enough to clever
Creates symptoms of forever
Animosity aimed

And animosity aimed at the unclever
Fells trees on your boredom
Drowns you in your two rivers

The same landscape i retreat to in victory
Will be your apology
Unaccepted yet taken

So hang silently reversed
Oppressor scum
Your worst is yet to come