Monday, 12 December 2016

Court Holding (Necropolis)

* Court Holding * (Necropolis) 12•10•2016

In this moment I knew it
Precipice bound but don't misconstrue it
Insane laughter of the neck knot tied
Would you take away this last victory

Beseech me of you your crying eyes
Tell-tale that you knew me closely
Shared with me moments escaping the moment
Isn't that it?

In eyes thine see-eth other than eyes
Isn't that what creates spectacularity?
The promise of what's never worded
The gain of that that's never worked for

Kismet of chance unto the lucky unfortunate
The poor kissed with the stink of riches
The ugly boy with beautiful girl arrested
Unto the paltry shoulder, plump benevolent breasts

You see in the summer the thought of snow
Feel in my passing a start of life
Stirring in my decaying intestines
Growing forth from these ancient pines
Smelling of vulture droppings and fermaldahyde

But haven't we been blind all along
Our lips sewn shut with just echoes of speech
It's my healing embers that will be my defeat
And the sounds of the younger tap tapping

Nails in my coffin with each new pitter patter
Sealed shut with each new ink stained baby feet