Friday, 9 January 2015

*paltry piece* r.i.p. 01/09/15

Sit desked or tabled
Cowed looks on mindwashed face
Chewin Genetically modified cuds
Sparklin teeth capped with blood silver

Been so long at the rat race
Squeek upon Wakin from dream maze
Life scape consists of swollen red vaginas
Cut bleedin hands holdin various women
Healin wounds wrapped around tattooed bicep

Back twitch sign of degeneration knee twitch tell tale of tired road
Walked too long with worlds backed
Slippin on the secretions joy tears produce
Witness true terrorist first worlders terrorized

Visages of prophets cartooned
Caskets cocooning the bodies
Buried in the same wood that penciled
Death assurance so blatant in violation
Like white spit on Jesus crossed
Fuckin mother Mary when daughters at work

All you got equaling exactly nothing
Exceptions in the debt accrued
The beneficiaries behind being acclimated
Like a bullet in the gut embraced
Blood cushion and bone pillow

Her high school head a second choice
For the bullet her sixteen year old hand released
Because premature emotions overwhelmed stomach ...